Thank God! It is March.






My man , my God sent !

Keep on Marching,

There is no easy way,

Keep on marching,

Relent not.


You are great my Love,

Your past was not easy,

But you have marched on,

You are my hero,

My God´s sent,

I am creating this just for you,


You are  a strong and loving husband,  a good father ,

And a dedicated son,

I create this for you,

Because you are a strong hold,

A pillar to lean on,

And a big tree with good shade ,


You are our Hero,

March on my Love,

Get rid of  what will not help you,

Keep marching on,

You are God´s Special work.

And we thank God for the gift of YOU.


Happy birthday Again .


Wow ! What a great son.






04/02 !

A great day,

When I say a great day,

There is so much we would like to say,

What I mean to say IS —

A day a great son was Born..


Dear Jason we will always remember this

Very day with smiles and thanks to God.


04/02 a great son was Born,

To a great couple.

Celebrate it ,

Because you are very Special to all


Yes this day is great ,

May you continue to remain a Blessing


Happy birthday from Us,

We love you ever.


These are sad tears.




IMG_20171205_170317 - Kopie

(Sketched by Amarachi Jubiland Kanu )

” Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day “- Ralph Waldo Emerson


This type of  beautiful face,

Is sad and is crying,

You may wonder why,

Beautiful faces  shed sad tears.


Behind all faces in Africa

Are concealed tears,

Tears of lost hopes

Tears of Idleness and hunger,

Tears of Anger and frustrations ,

Tears that our leaders are fast loosing

Touch with Schools of wisdom,

Tears that even our ordained  are

failing in their Services,

Tears that we have driven God´s mercy  far faraway

from Africa/Nigeria.

And tears that our Children will never be heard.


Every Corner in Africa, Arab and globally,

Are beautiful faces with sad tears,

Crying for understanding,

Pleading for clear Leadership,

And to stop global Terror,killings

looting ,hunger and corruption .


They cry out and look for hope ,

They search it with tears,

But will never find it.

They are not heard,

Because no one is paying Attention,


They way of the wicked,

corruption, bad leaders and bad citizen

Have overtaken .


Have you asked why the sad tears,

Why These dim face,

Why These rain Drops?


You Keep thinking why,

Your head Pounds ,

Your mind itch.

Why the sadness ?


You love your Country,

You want  everything work

You plan your life

You hope all work,



Souls that do not sleep

But worry and cry

And just shed tears.


Lo! this tears speak a warning to our Nation.

Please stop bad Leadership,

For Glory is the Portion of the wise.



Just say `No `to the new era of Killings in Nigeria !.





Crimes are committed everyday,

People are killed by men that called themselves

`Herdsmen `. Kidnappers , ritualists,and law makers,

And they world is watching,

And saying nothing,


`Do Herdsmen really have the license to kill,

Kill at random `?

Just say No !


Lets jointly go on our knees,

With a clean heart.

And  ask God to stop These Killers.

Let us jointly say No!


Nigerian herdsmen and others are not illusory,

They are real,

They are Killers.

But we simply have to say No,


It is only in Nigeria that `Herdsmen`carry  guns

And Parade like leaders ,

They Parade in villages and kill at random,

They are protected, by the law that were meant

For all,

Who are they ?

And what are their Mission,

But we must say No !


`They   kill and want to conquer`.

But we must say No !


MMM, since when are men allowed to kill

And destroy farmworks ?

And get away with their crimes ?

Come and see waste of God´s work,

The crime on humanity,

And the face of corruption and bad leaders

At work.

But we must say No !


Everyone  in Nigeria ,let’s go on our

knees and repent,

Let us go on our knees and ask for God´s mercy,

Lets go on our knees and ask truly for forgiveness,

And God will send us a Moses that will

lead us out of “Darkness” .

But we must say No !


Recently in Benue 70 or more were slayed

All in one day,

Some were killed while sleeping,

And I read nothing has been done

To These Killers,


But they said there is Democracy,

Did I hear well,

Demo- crazy !

Or is there another word?

But let us say No !


They world is looking away,

Are we so insignificant,

For you to see that our People are murdered

Everyday by those who should protect them !.

But we have to say No !


They give them guns,

Send them out with cows,

And they murder and butcher.

But we must rise and say No !.


Since when have cow´s replaced human life´s ?

These must be stopped,

This era of killing and cleansing,

Where are the “Hague”Judges ?

The world´s conscience!

Are you not seeing the crimes

Against humanity in Nigeria?.

We must just say No !


Help ! O you super nations,

Oh you men and women of God,

We Need to go on our knees

We Need to honestly ask for mercy,

Truly ,

People all over the world  join,

Repent, and God will deliver


But we must say No !


Otherwise, they will be  killing our People,

Chasing our wards,

Killing the future of our Nation,

What more will be left ?

We must say No !


Stagnation of our economy,

Destruction of lives,

Stealing from our purses,

But we must say No !.


We  must all raise our voices and condemn

These new era of killings in Nigeria,

Stop it now ! enough is a enough.

But we must all say No !.







” A face of a mother in agony, as she watch her land sink into deeper chaos, ” will there be any hope for Africa ” ?.


In slavery  victims are seen as properties,

Human´s are sold , bought and exchanged,

African colonial masters ,

Guilty  or not guilty ?

Guilty , as  you began this race years back.


Our question last year was Why ?

Why and Why !

The Horrors in Libya, at home and elsewhere,

How can  we Parade Africa in Words and not

in deeds ?

In real sense Afrika  is full of  chaos ,

Where are the good souls that once paraded Africa ?

Why are Things falling apart ?

Chinua Achebe foresaw in his book ,

The Afrika of  today.


Economically we are not there ,

Socially we have turned imitators

And politically we are total  disaster,

What are we experiencing again?

Reports of last year has

100s of  black People auctioned ,


What are we to call this, Modern slavery or what ?,

Libya is not only guilty ,

Other African countries  are too,


In 1617 blacks were sold,

2017 black were  sold ,

2018 will blacks be sold again ?


At the Moment, Libya remain

The main Point for running away from poverty,

Another port of slavery ?

Problem of vacuum !

Boom of humans  !


What a world,

Leaders look away,

Honest men are gone,

Politics here and there,

Little talks now and then.

Problem shoved under the carpet,


Are we back in 1619s !

When blacks helped sold blacks ,


Shout out ,

A Mother in agony  scream freedom,

A mother cry out in pains seeing her,

Children driven out and forced out

To run and flee for poverty and bad Govt.

And end up being Sold,

Drowned , raped and beaten.


2018  here you are

our hope bearer,

Here we welcome you with open arms,

With champagne and fireworks,

With prayers and hopes ,


Will ” 2018 ”

Create equal opportunities,

Eradicate blind and fanatical leaders,

Include and not exclude People,

Increase infrastructures,

For Jobs,

Roads,schools, Hospitals,

Help  create HERO,

Engage youths,

And give them home again ?.


Here we  say ” NO” to violence,

To unnecessary waste of lives,

`No` to corruption,and `No`to  bad leaders,

No to camouflaging with Religion ,

And yes to honesty/transparency , equality,

one voice , respect of human lives and dignity

To all irrespective of who you are,

Where you come from,

your Religion, sex ,education and class.



Join Hands  make 2018 a violent and  slave free year.


Happy 6oth Birthday to a Wonderful sister.


Shanaya (30)

People say growing old is  mandatory,

growing up is optional ”

Life is a book and there are a thousand pages

That we will never have to read about life “- Cassandra Clare -.


10/12/17  another beautiful day,

With good People and wonderful children

That have touched the heart of this wonderful woman.


Family is everything,

A rock that stay firm even when

They going gets real bad.

Thanks to this wonderful Family of Uche,

When the going went really bad,

They Held together ,

Thank God for the gift of a calm loving,

Good Soul, a great wife of her time.


We may not have it all in life,

We may not finish and be done everyday,

With an assignment .

The most important Thing is to make the

Best out of every Situation,

And not have regrets so much as to Forget a way Forward.


Even when Things did not go our way ,

We just have to make sure we find the right way in Christ,

Life will be more meaningful,

And difficulties can easily be dealt with.


Beauty we see in Looks,

But for me Beauty is not only what we see,

It is also what we say ,how we care about others,

Forgive others even when we get hurt,

And how we react to other people`s bad behaviours ,


My beloved sister you are so beautiful in and out,

You are just the best.


” If we can´t reward then , we should at least say thanks”- Unknown-

There is always a reason for us to say thank YOU,

Today the 08/12/17, a surprise day for my sister,

A perfect day to just say thank you to a caring Soul,

Today , a wonderful day for me to say the Things I have

Longed to say to You Adanne.


Nwayioma, (Beautiful woman in and out ),

You are Gold ,

We treasure you,

You have a lions heart ,

A heart full of love,

Forgiveness and Passion.

A caring heart,

I could not find any better word,

To describe you ,


We love you for who you are ,

What you are ,

And how you have treated others,

I can not think of a better sister,

A better mother, Anti, wife and friend like YOU,


You have enriched so many souls  of those

You know and those you do not know,

You taught me faith,forgiveness ,love and kindness,

You taught me how to wear smiling face even in difficulties.

I have gotten so much from you ,

And I know I can not pay back all,

I pray for you ,

To be healthy and live to see all God´s plans for you,


I love You, forever and ever.

If there will be another world after here on earth,

I pray the good Lord make you my Senior sister,

My Adanne, Nwanyiobioma,


Mama in her grave will be so  happy

That you carried her flag on,

Me and my Family and my siblings are just lucky

to have You.


I do not think that most artist

of any Kind could sacrifice their artistic influence,

on People like you have done on so many People,


We all have the Need to be appreciated,

And the Need to Show gratitude even for what

we think is small victory.


08/12/17 a Special day not only for the children ,

Who planned this great surprise Party for their


It is also a Special and surprise day filled with

Lovely People ,


I loved that surprise look,

That added more colour to the surprise day ,

A day already full of surprises.

well-done Adanna,Paschal,Jennifer and Cynthia ,

For surprising us all.


We celebrated one of the most valuable ,

Kind hearted , loving and caring woman who I know,

Adanne, Da Franca, Nwayiobioma, Ada Eliza and Patrick Uwazie.


Indeed, ” The truest greatness lies in kindness,

The truest wisdom in happy mind “- Ella Wheeler Wilcox-


Thanks Da Franca,

For your kindness,


Life is not always smooth,

We stumble and Need a Kind Hand,

Man is not always fair to one another,

Storms will come,

With faith ,kindness , forgiveness and love the world will be

A better place.


According to my husband`s calculations ”

” For 1.892.160.000 seconds you saw the light,

For 31.536.000 minutes you have learnt, practiced, understood and implemented,

For 525,600 hours you have loved, understood, given and received,

For 21900 days you have prayed, hoped and expected,

For 3120 weeks you have your confidence and your wills strengthened,

For 720 months you Extended your love and all dragged into your sog,

Yeah, when you come to think of it,  60-years is really a small number ,

When you think of what you have achieved in this time,

Who will then look back and not say well done Francesca, Keep it up !

Despite all These, are still the 60 candles that you can Count.


You are 60 times the best sister on earth,

60 times the best mother, wife, friend , Anti

And the best smallest and biggest sister-in-law for my husband,

Namely, ” My husband´s small big sister in-law Francesca.


Happy birthday to you Adanne at 60, and happy  30th Marriage Anniversary to you and uncle J.


May the good Lord continue to give you good health, protection,and abundant Blessings to  you all.


Love you ever !.

Art unleashed Dr.Vivian Timothy on ” The power of Art “(Exhibited on 16/11/17 in Augsburg ).




”  There is power in Art,there is strength and  energy. Art unleash Dr. Vivian Timothy   unleashing the power in Art through her beautiful paintings.


We are lost without our roots,

We have been caught up in Modern times,

Rushing and wondering about our identities,

With some of us Standing and questioning,

” The power of Art ”


There is power in Art,

In  paintings , writings and other Artworks,

They do not only carry ideological powers that circulates


They also possesses the power that ignite , intensifies,

And refills.


In short, there is  a dimension we might call

A ” Power of Art ”

Not only in the forms, we Interprets them,

Also in the meaning s  that we make of them,

Most unspoken language of Arts evade intimidation,

With their heavy Linguistic and painted words that will

Ever remain  unspoken


“The power of Art “,

A language that speaks power,

That give energy and refill hollows.


That extend invitations,

And pierce hearts of those who speak the language.

What most People call ” Wealth ” ,

Arts call it  “Power “,


Committed to improving everyone,

Art will give you strength,

And power to unveil your past,

Liberate you from bondage,

And transform you  higher,


Is there power in Art ?

Yes !

Take sometime out each day ,

Sit down and scroll ” Art unleash ”

Then you will identify the Kind of

” Power and energy there is in Art “.



The agony of a Young man.


When I feel pains ,I cry to God,

When I cant anymore,

I wrap myself in prayers,


We have been sapped of all,

But the Lord is our strength

We are mourning a loved one ,


It is sad to lose a wife,

And worst to get threats from in-laws,

In-laws that you never quarrelled with,

That you  thought were your brothers and sisters by marriage.


A wife died and a Young man have faced

More agony and have not had time

To mourn His wife,


God of justice,

Who said there is no God,

A God that fight for the oppressed,

That speak for the lowly,

A living God.

He will rescue you Young man ,

In this time and ever,

Allow God to do your battle.

The pain in saying goodbye.




Most times ,we look at death as not a part of us,

We even think it happening to”THEM” not ,US”-

We know death will come when it will ,

And strike  with no regrets , no discriminations,

And no distinctions.


It strikes unplanned, at any time, irrespective of

Age, Position, Status, Religion and Name in anyone´s journey,

Take it or leave it, we remain a death denying Society,

And look for reasons of death else where and not

Accepting death when it Comes.


The truth is that death is real ,and does not only happen to “THEM”.

It happens to all,

Ncheta , death has stuck us,

You are gone and we are so sad.

Your Family have not been fair to us,

But we will Keep on treating them with “LOVE”,

For love conquers all evil.


We are mourning you with a heavy heart.

At times like this , we cannot but think of our own


For it will come when it will,


A necessary end ,

That we see as thief,

That robs us of our loved ones..

Sometimes someday,

We all will face death,

With the same fate , call it “MELANCHOLY”

Or whatever,


Every ones journey will end at God´s

Given time.

The News is that we do not want our lives to

Pass us by,

Without living a positive print,

That will be remembered .


Our Lord has made it,

That through all the opportunities ,

And reflections of life.

We should not Forget to face

The realities that death is a part

Of life, and does not only happen to “THEM”.


We all dread death ,

We all become heart-broken when

A loved one dies.

A beloved wife,mother sister,daughter in law

And a friend goes home to our eternal father,

Where there is no pains ,no wants , no struggles

And no fights.


This is like a fairy tale,

Difficult to believe that Ncheta( Joshua´s mum)

And my brother´s wife is gone like the wind.

You are gone ,

Words are not enough to express how much we have

Missed you in the last seven weeks.

Your nature,your person

Your character,is all that makes you who you are.

We all are unique in our own ways.


You have been part of our Family for the past

11-years and gave us a fantastic son (Joshua).

We love you very much and you will always

Be a part of our Family.

That is the facts of life ,we never had a quarrel with you

To require anyone else to come and settle it for us.

You were your families anchor,

Now that you are gone your way ,it will never be the same.

You have left a big vacuum.

That no one will fill .


Ncheta,you will fear death no more .

For death is seen in the holy Bible ,

As the wages of our sins ,

And passage to another world .

It is holy and sacred,

The fear of it ,

The dread of it ,

Exposes our human weaknesses.

It is not the end ,

But the beginning of a new life in a different


Ga Nudo Nchetachi,

We love you so much ,but God loves you more.

He will find you a resting place in His Kingdom.

We will forever miss you ,

We loved you  and will still love you.

In death , our brother , your husband and we your

Sisters in-laws, my Senior brother ,nieces,nephews,

And our kings men and women did not have it easy with

your People,

In the end love prevailed .


Ncheta as you finally would be led to rest

On Saturday ,11 November ,

We say farewell, Ijeoma.

We shall meet to part no more.

If the world denied you peace,

Be reassured that our mother  Mary

The Mother of Jesus has given you

a spiritual peace.


We pray the Lord overlook your short-comings

And grant you peace.


You are home to a place where there will

be no quarrels and misunderstandings,

A home where there will be no dragging of anything,

A home full of love and no threats ,

A home-made easy,

We know you are home,

But,it is hard for us not to hear from you


Not to hear your physical smiles.

And not to share those your jokes again,


Goodbye and God welcome you into His heavenly home.

May your gentle Soul rest in perfect peace.



Lets embrace our African week.




We all are waiting earnestly,

To embrace our week,

Our Long awaited week,

The African week in Augsburg,

The golden week that will unveil

Talents,artists of all kinds,


A week that have boasted and brushed

The Images and given Africans voices,

November 10th is another great day,

The opening day that we have

all being waiting for,

A day that will begin a beautiful

journey again,

With  Display of African beats,

Come all,

Join us to say thank you,

To the organisers,

No joy can be measured,

No one can thank all,

And no word can say it all,

You give ,because you care,

You help because ,

There are pains waiting to

Be voiced out,


Many of us have lost our voices,

Even before coming to Europe,

Pains unspoken,

Journey which many did not make,

Journey to Promise land,


Many encountered lots,

That can only be painted ,

Danced, singed and are written,

When I think of African week,

I think of Meeting Talents,

Whose arts of all Kinds,

Have given us hope, strength,

Whose energy have being channelled,

To tell unspeakable stories

In everyone´s way.



African week in Augsburg,

Encourages all out there,

To take the future in their Hands,

To paint and give their pains colours,


African week,

Will make you not to be the same again,


We are Africans

We will Display Africa,

Dont be silent about it,

Dont stay at home and let

This huge week pass you by,

Be a part of the solution,,

Join to colour These weeks ,


It is our week,

Thanks to you all,

Because with your help

We will make African week memorable !


Yes! It is African week,

Starting on the 10th in Augsburg.

Be there !!!!.