Crimes are committed everyday,

People are killed by men that called themselves

`Herdsmen `. Kidnappers , ritualists,and law makers,

And they world is watching,

And saying nothing,


`Do Herdsmen really have the license to kill,

Kill at random `?

Just say No !


Lets jointly go on our knees,

With a clean heart.

And  ask God to stop These Killers.

Let us jointly say No!


Nigerian herdsmen and others are not illusory,

They are real,

They are Killers.

But we simply have to say No,


It is only in Nigeria that `Herdsmen`carry  guns

And Parade like leaders ,

They Parade in villages and kill at random,

They are protected, by the law that were meant

For all,

Who are they ?

And what are their Mission,

But we must say No !


`They   kill and want to conquer`.

But we must say No !


MMM, since when are men allowed to kill

And destroy farmworks ?

And get away with their crimes ?

Come and see waste of God´s work,

The crime on humanity,

And the face of corruption and bad leaders

At work.

But we must say No !


Everyone  in Nigeria ,let’s go on our

knees and repent,

Let us go on our knees and ask for God´s mercy,

Lets go on our knees and ask truly for forgiveness,

And God will send us a Moses that will

lead us out of “Darkness” .

But we must say No !


Recently in Benue 70 or more were slayed

All in one day,

Some were killed while sleeping,

And I read nothing has been done

To These Killers,


But they said there is Democracy,

Did I hear well,

Demo- crazy !

Or is there another word?

But let us say No !


They world is looking away,

Are we so insignificant,

For you to see that our People are murdered

Everyday by those who should protect them !.

But we have to say No !


They give them guns,

Send them out with cows,

And they murder and butcher.

But we must rise and say No !.


Since when have cow´s replaced human life´s ?

These must be stopped,

This era of killing and cleansing,

Where are the “Hague”Judges ?

The world´s conscience!

Are you not seeing the crimes

Against humanity in Nigeria?.

We must just say No !


Help ! O you super nations,

Oh you men and women of God,

We Need to go on our knees

We Need to honestly ask for mercy,

Truly ,

People all over the world  join,

Repent, and God will deliver


But we must say No !


Otherwise, they will be  killing our People,

Chasing our wards,

Killing the future of our Nation,

What more will be left ?

We must say No !


Stagnation of our economy,

Destruction of lives,

Stealing from our purses,

But we must say No !.


We  must all raise our voices and condemn

These new era of killings in Nigeria,

Stop it now ! enough is a enough.

But we must all say No !.