Another year has passed,

Real happiness entered my life ,

The day God approved your being.

We love being your parent,

And pray to God to Show us the best way to do that.


Honour is your Name forever Lord.

For you are worthy to be praised Amen.

The Lords doing,

Yeah today is a reminder ,


Good and great Things happens everyday to Us.

And a Special Thing happened on this day,

Yes the birth of our bundle of joy,

Our great gift from God.


Today you are 2 years and getting more and more

Interesting , inquisitive ,loving ,caring,

God is at work in your life and His umbrella will

continue to Shield you Amen.


You are Born to be wise, full of Knowledge and God´s


The light  that is for  many .

All  good Things must have been written for you,


You have changed our world positively

Such a Blessing you are,

Our pride

I am grateful to God that you are our daughter.

Pappas, Omi and Opis Center.

On this day and  all your life,

We are wishing you joy, God´s protections, good Health,

Love, wisdom Knowledge, fear of God  and understanding,


Let your light Shine as God has destined  Amen,

And God will continue to envelop and Shield you away from Evil


Happy Birthday our Rose .