The insatiable nature of Man.



” For the love of Money is root of  all Kinds of evil .

Some People eager for Money, have wandered from the

faith and pierced themselves with many griefs ” – 1 Timothy 6-10,in New International Version ).


Many want to be rich without hard honest works,

Many have fallen apart and gotten into illegal ways

of being rich,

Some became foolish and stupid and are blinded by quest to be

the best guy,

The richest with best houses , good cars ,

Someone who can travel everywhere,

Get into everywhere,and be feared everywhere.

What can love of Money and the Feelings of not having

enough not do ? .


Some have killed, even duped their families,

kidnapped for Money,

Leaders are burying Money  in secret places,

Money meant for their People !.

Haba !, what happens after all These quest,

All These Riches without a good Name ?.

All these love for Money,

A bad love for uncertain treasure,

Endless torments awaits you ,


Some guys have died a foolish death,

Gotten into traps and are in prisons,

Do not get into robbery, do not get into kidnappings,

And do not get into unclean riches.

These illegal ways dont last.


There are so many ways of making clean Money,

Get honest, go the right way  ,hope,

Pray hard , and be optimistic

Set a good clean and attainable Goals,

Remain true to yourself,

Surround yourself with positive

good People,


Thank God and be satisfied with You,

You dont have any Need to please others,

Neither do you have any Need to be someone else

Stop comparing yourself to others,

You are you, with God on your side  ,


” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth ,

where moth and rust destroy,

And where thieves break in and steal “- Matthew 6:19





The truth must someday be told.

Never mind,

we all make mistakes,

We all have being  gossiped about,

Things have chanced in our lives,

Some were meant to be,

Some happened and no one will

Believe your side,

But never mind

Believe in You,

They will try to bring you down,

Slander  and thrash you,

They will succeed in pulling your Name,

But  one ting am very sure of is —

They will never succeed the wrath of truth being

told one day –

This One Thing am sure of,

No matter how Long it takes,

The truth will always prevail.

You are my dream, and God will deliver You to ME “.


” Work hard for what you want,

because it wont come to you

Without a fight.

You have to be strong and courageous and know that

you can do anything you put your

mind to .

If somebody puts you down or criticizes you

Just Keep on believing in yourself,

Turn it into something positive “-   Leah LaBelle .


Looks hard sometimes to stay put to your dreams,

Even when it looks so close,

I stretched my hands and i hear sorries ,


I Struggle everyday,

Stumbles and no answers will come,

You hear sometimes, sorry we can’t now,


Give yourself no option,

Stay true to your dreams,

Accept that nothing comes easy,

Dont fail  to give all your best,


Believe it ,

No matter how hard the battle is,

No matter how long it takes,

Hope, faith in God, optimism,

Will lead you there.

I waited patiently,

I refused to worry,

I believe

For I am not giving you up,


You are my dream,

And with God I will realise YOU.

We are not the same.


Dont judge me,

Understand  me ,

Don t condemn me ,

Try to Understand me ,


I may have judged others in the past ,

But today i know it is not right,

And I am sorry,


My journey is not your journey,

Your journey remains yours.

It might mean nothing to you,

But it means a lot to me,

And yours is also important to you,


It is my journey,

I am mindful,

I am grateful,

I am positive,

I am optimistic,

Because it is my journey,

A journey that has led  me ,

And  is still leading me

To new Chapters .

We are not the same,

Our journeys are not the same,

Because we are not the same.

Optimism .


Optimism is a Kind of faith,

A strong faith that will lead both

Young and old, leaders and ruled to

A graceful  world full of progress,


Optimism will lead us all

To our  dreams  and

Help us achieve  Goals,

Goals that are unattainable.


Nothing can move on without hopes,

Without optimism and without hard work ,honesty,

Transparency , amongst everyone

Government and non governmental bodies.


No Nation survives  without optimism, without hopes,

Without good government  that have good conscience

And love of their People at hearts .


The world is  full of turmoil,

Full of evil , full of hatred and godless People .


With fair leaders  who have the interest

Of their People at hearts ,a crumbling Country

Can stand again.

Nations will rise up again,

To  be rebuilt and give both poor and rich

Hopes for a better tomorrow  .


It is nearly impossible to move a country Forward,

Without optimism , hope and faith,

Without good and fair  leaders ,


Without plans , without good Management,

Honesty, transparency and equal Treatment ,

Irrespective of tribe, language and Religion.


Bad leaders are like viral infections ,

That attack economy and render it  static ,

With Recession, corruption , looting and crimes,

sufferings of the masses  as side effects,


Hopes of People are lost .

Optimism becomes pessimism ,

Fear cripples in and  People will rise

against its  own People.


Hope and faith go together,

Without hopes faith is difficult

The same goes with good leaders and economic

Growth of a Nation,


A leader can stay in Leadership so Long—-

As Long as he is not Standing alone ,

As Long as he kept his promises to rebuild and not loot

Its  own Nation.


I know there are  difficulties everywhere,

I know the world is filled with Troubles and

Confrontations ,injustices abounds everywhere.


But with optimism , faith  accompanied with prayers

And    deep-rooted hope –

We shall  overcome………. .






If you dont like your life,

Change it,

If you dont like your Environment

Change it,

If your wears are not pleasing  to you ,

Change them,


If your work does not offer you the joy ,

Change it,

If some friends are not healthy to you,

Leave them,

If your thoughts are bringing you down,

Please Change them.


If you are lacking in Faith ,

Just Change  your ways,

If you can’t kneel down and

Speak with God,

Change it .


Complaining  about

is not enough,

Be the one to speak truth to yourself,

Be the Change,

Work for it,

Pray for strength

And go for it,


If your Situation is

Not what you expect,

Change it.


For Change will not come looking

for you ,

You are  the one that Change is waiting


So use the past to get your Change ,

And dont miss your Change

By  looking so Long at the past.


” Change your thoughts and you Change the world ”

-Norman Vincent Peale -.