My beloved Igbos.



” If we are to have peace on earth…our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe,our class, and our Nation, and this means we must develop a world perspective ”

– Martin Luther King Jr. –


You are oppressed but not finished,

You are down but not out.

Whatever, I am Igbo and I stand against



If your child is bad,

You will pray for her to change,

You will not throw her away,

Or give her up,

You will want to help her,

To  have perspective,

To bounce back.


It is Oppression and not freedom,

They are Riding forcefully on people´s rights,

Quitting  us at random,

Telling us we  are foreigners in our own land,

We are oppressed,

But we will go on our knees,


Igbos wherever  you are  !

It is time to pray,

Time to seek the face of God,

Time to love your Brothers,

Time to be your Brothers keeper,


Igbos wherever you find yourself,

look for your neighbour,

Your brothers and ask for peace,

Show love ,

Dont back-bite your brother,

Stand together ,

And be fair to one another.


Get on your knees ,

wherever you are ,

Now and forever ,

Never doubt what God can do through



Prayer is powerful,

Only believe and have faith,

Use your hearts ,

Give God  your tears,

For He is God forever,

He will spur us,

Strengthen us and fight for us,

Hold on to God even now that  we are so



I urge you my People ,

To Do your part very well,

Be a garden that God can thread on,

Feel sober ,

Ask  God for forgiveness,

We Need to change our ways,

For God loves a sincere heart,


They hate us with their guts,

But we will love them

” For love is the only force capable

of transforming  an enemy  to a friend  ”

Martin Luther King Jr. ).


Dont Forget,

Use the weapons of prayer,

Use your mind,

” when your mind is A weapon,

You are not unarmed Army Jacket –


Dont Forget!

” The most weapon of the oppressor is the

mind of the oppressed “.

  • Steve Biko “-


You are down , oppressed but not finished.


AREWA THREAT Against IGBOS a time bomb.



” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter “- Martin Luther king Jr.-


Can they be justified?

Arewa plan!

They came together

Conspired to wipe us,

To Spill the bloods and make us

Start with 20Naira again,


That is their News,

Their new strategy,

An Agenda,


They are at it again.


A News some termed it!

But wait a Minute,

This could be the best News,

The best gambling,

The best time ever

To free a folk,

That have suffered all their lives,

For being Igbos,

A folk hated ,

But needed in Building up,


The best time perhaps ,

For These Arewa Groups

To let my People go.

Dont joke,

It is not a joke,

They are serious,

They wont rest,


Igbos come home,


Arewa Aboki threat s!

You know they all have one gene,

Same blood  Group ,

And same intent to kill,

Hate Igbos,

And would want to wipe Igbos out completely,


Come to think of it,

Did our great Ojukwu not warn us !

During all the time he fought to free

You and me !


Lord Lugard you probably thought you knew best,

Putting Folks together that  have nothing in


Was it then to your interest?.

Lord Lugard left ,and left Nigeria in Chaos ,

To seek and look for their identities ,

With one tribe dominating powers,

killing and issuing Warrants at random,


You can’t tell me you are not Feeling this pains

of the Igbos even in your grave.


They Arewa Abokis are on it again,

Humiliating and displacing the Igbos again.

Leaving them to Fate


God of the Igbos ,

God of the orphans and the oppressed,

Arise now,

Save your People ,

Send another Moses ,

And support the Moses we have.


Ojukwu is not resting,

He sure has not find his peace,

He knew this day would come again,

And would no longer be swept under the carpet,

Remember situations like this,

Is keeping him restless in his grave,


What he believed in , fought and died for,

That is  here again,

The man who dragged them to Aburi  all,

To secure rights for us,

Who fought for Ahiara declaration,

Just to free us,

What man can do this ?,


Tried  to give us freedom,

To free us from the Pharaohs of Nigeria !,

From them continuing  humiliating the IGBOs.

From always being quitted and asked to go home,

By those who claimed to be Landlords of Nigeria.

From you being called foreigners in a place you

Fought,sweat so hard for,

He freezed his father’s Money, sold off his

Father´s properties , all for us,


Was he betrayed sabotaged !

He cried for us,

He refused to see us being treated like


He hated to see His people force to carry,

Their bags and bagges on their heads,

And heading down home,

He wanted justice for us all,

Equal rigts where you all would only

Be judged by your characters,

And not dialects, religion or tribe,


He meant it well,

He hated us to be called criminals,

Called thieves when the other

Big thieves are worshipped and

Called heros.

Why because they are immuned,

And have godfathers .


Will you say your Poise is shaken ?

Arewa threat, not mere threat but a time bomb,

firefighters can not stop this ,

Only justice, Fairness  can,



Never mind,

Igbos are fighters, hardworking,

Great survivors,

They are Igbos they will stand again.


” Nothing in all the world is more dangerous

than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity “.-

Martin Luther King Jr.




Lighting a candle.





I lighted a candle,

I wondered after 3 trials ,

For some it ignites at a streich,

For some,

It may be off and on,

For others it may take time,


Whereever you belong to,

That is human existence,

Realities and not fairy tales,


We all wish a straightforward thing,

Life is sometimes like lighting a candle,

Try once, perhaps yes,

If not go on trying.


Road of life,

Road to success,

Road to getting to our target s

To our dreams.


Is Like lighting a  candle ,

lighted and refusing to light,

It Stirs your hopes after many trials

And want to make you wonder,


Go on your knees,

Pray incesantly,

Try other ways,

Give yourself many chances,


Dont be a coward,

Dont break your plans,

Dont stop trying to light your candle,

Risk your time,

Make a great search,


You can do it,

Even when others think you cant,

Millions  of no should not stop you,

Be a great thinker,

Turn your hopes in to a plan,


Go on light your candle,

Do it over and over,

Till it light.


Hug to all who encourages others.





To you love and Kind ones,

Who invest time, Money, affection

Dedication  ,Talent and prayers towards others,


Those who embraces others,

Who encourages others when they

Feel discouraged and low,

When all hopes are lost,

When everywhere look so dark,

You help them

To see the light,


Dont worry,

Just be happy,

Do whatever you are doing  with love

And Passion.

Go on encourage others  ,

It worths  all the pains,


To you I write love song,

Songs of praise and love,


To you !

I say   when you are tired,

Look back ,

You will see millions of those smiling faces,

Millions whose hopes you revived,

Millions of Talents you helped to live again .

Millions that refused to give up

Just because of you.


When you look back,

You will see faces filled with hopes,

Faces ready to applaud,

Faces you made to smile,

Those who you helped to stand,

Those who did not give up,

All because you encouraged them.


Then you know that you have done it right,

And you will want to do more.


Dont Forget !

Millions are wishing you well,

They are praying for You,

Day by day.


It is a big pleasure,

A great Blessing,

To sacrifice for others.


When we help and encourages others ,

we ourselves are also being  encouraged.


” Whatever you do ,do to the glory of God “.

– –      1  Corinthians 10:31-.


50 Years Today !





In remembrance of those who lost their lives in Nigerian`s civil war —


Freedom not near ,

Atrocities of 50years,

Back to Memory.


Who can bail,

Who  dare to speak,

And who dare to cry!

Who wants to hear ?.


50 years ago millions were murdered,

Many perished in Nigeria,

Who has forgotten ?

Hear it now ,

Who were punished ?

No one!

Who were Held responsible ?

None !


I hear UN speak about atrocities done against


Who is speaking on this after 50years?.

They were sons and daughters,

Born like you and me,

They were marginalised, discriminated and hated.

They were coldly murdered like animals .



Nomadic an art of movement,

And not an art of governing,

Painted, writers have poetized them,

With their linguistic space.


Leadership as ?

Wandering between towns and states !.

Killing and slaughtering,

Grasses were not even spared,


Is history forgotten easily ?

Glorious  were brutalised ,

Marginalised and

Mighty are with guns

No Rotation,

No change

No merit and no gain.


Time are obscure

Conditions are bad,

History must be told,

50 years today,

Freedom is still manipulated,

Poverty and humiliation persisting,

Freedom Speakers are arrested,

silenced ,


Where are you the dog watchers,

They that robbed us of our culture,belief

and System of rules !

You came as a friend  , marginalised us,

Used our ignorance and turned it to Gold,

You never knew this could break us ,


It truly broke us and set us ablaze,


They claimed they knew us better,

But they never cared ,

50years now where is our freedom!.



Freedom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







A myth or what  ?

Each time I think of Africa,

Democracy Comes to my mind,

I am rooted in Africa,

I know Africa and speak and argue

On Africa.


A Nation with historical contexts,

Rich and blessed.

A Nation that had a System,

Culture and ways before

She was stolen and disbalanced ,

In the Name of civilization.


Civilization   marginalised her,

Gave Her a new identity ,

Changed Her to be strange ,

Strange to all it has known before,


The rule and order,

The peace, harmony, unity and good

Governance became estranged,

Forbidden and taboo.


The called their domineering rule


Which demo-crazed they few,

Who had the leadership

What does the word Democracy mean for Africa !.


For Africa !

It is confusion ,a strange situation

Camouflaged for the big Lords as they

Are known,


Mr President!

I `m Democracy,

But I practiced

Dictatorship under the umbrella of



Take power rule your style,

Be in Office even when all are crying wolf,

Born a president, ruled as a president ,

Died as a president ,

And be buried as a president,

That is their game,

A theatre for good actors like

Most African leaders.


That is Democracy in most African


Even when People are oppressed,

It is in our eyes Democracy,


Demo-cracy or demo-crazy !

Whatever ,

It is a word  that have a different

Style of ruling in Africa ,


I acknowledged freedom,

We had it,

My forefathers had a fair system

System that had dignity ,Fairness and respect,

system that had its Name and weight.


I respect the roots ,that were then seen in families,

Communities, kins, among friends and comrades,


What does  the word Democracy mean  today!

In Africa ?

In Nigeria ?


Nhhhhhhh !


Mean, demoralising,

Intimidating and suppressing

an Arena for the fittest,

with careless styles ,

Greedy  and corrupt old leaders,

Democracy  for all,

Is today for few………………………


How mighty are You “Corruption “.



” See our beauty, robbed and enveloped with corruption “.


Everything is made imperfect with You ,

With You an  old System   overpowers



Why are you drowning your People?

Setting them back another century ?,

Cutting through the meals of your People,

And stealing and looting from them ?


I ask You !

Where is your conscience ?

Or  do you want to remain a cheater and a looter for life ? ,

Hiding millions and billions in cemeteries,

When your wards can’t even feed ?,


Your youths are hopeless without future

And are falling into the Hands of criminals

And joining your Long existing Institution ,


Are you not worried at what  you are doing in Nigeria ?,

Your People are dying because they Money meant

For them are shared and looted,


No good Food, no good roads, no good hospitals

And not even educational Institutions that could

Have  shown them light ,


How mighty are you corruption !

That your Name sends chills on People ,

You are the only heartless Thing that can

Rob the masses of what belongs to them

Including their freedom ,


Not only have you robbed them of

Their natural wealth called Mineral


You have even sold, dealed with foreigners

To steal from people´s purses,


Even their conscience you hold in ransom,

You  are the only Thing that have the

Intimidating Spirit to send People to work

And leave them hungry,

Teachers are asked to work and are not paid ,

Those meant to rule, you steal their conscience.

And turn them enemies of Progress and looters of

all times


Haba! Mr corruption !

You made everyone that have the guns and Money

To Parade freely and oppress ,

discriminate , dominate and intimidate those you

Should protect,

Kidnapping have become like a normal trading

Where human beings are priced and are exchanged back with Money.


How Long !

Do you want to torment this Nation ?,

Mr. Corruption,

We want to ignore You , but we can’t,

Because your hold widens the gap

And allow Tensions grow,

Fears abound , because of your presence,


Wall of silence is built around ,

Rigid faces mask around,

Oh Corruption  I abhor you,


Leave and let Africa rise.


The insatiable nature of Man.



” For the love of Money is root of  all Kinds of evil .

Some People eager for Money, have wandered from the

faith and pierced themselves with many griefs ” – 1 Timothy 6-10,in New International Version ).


Many want to be rich without hard honest works,

Many have fallen apart and gotten into illegal ways

of being rich,

Some became foolish and stupid and are blinded by quest to be

the best guy,

The richest with best houses , good cars ,

Someone who can travel everywhere,

Get into everywhere,and be feared everywhere.

What can love of Money and the Feelings of not having

enough not do ? .


Some have killed, even duped their families,

kidnapped for Money,

Leaders are burying Money  in secret places,

Money meant for their People !.

Haba !, what happens after all These quest,

All These Riches without a good Name ?.

All these love for Money,

A bad love for uncertain treasure,

Endless torments awaits you ,


Some guys have died a foolish death,

Gotten into traps and are in prisons,

Do not get into robbery, do not get into kidnappings,

And do not get into unclean riches.

These illegal ways dont last.


There are so many ways of making clean Money,

Get honest, go the right way  ,hope,

Pray hard , and be optimistic

Set a good clean and attainable Goals,

Remain true to yourself,

Surround yourself with positive

good People,


Thank God and be satisfied with You,

You dont have any Need to please others,

Neither do you have any Need to be someone else

Stop comparing yourself to others,

You are you, with God on your side  ,


” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth ,

where moth and rust destroy,

And where thieves break in and steal “- Matthew 6:19