Art unleashed Dr.Vivian Timothy on ” The power of Art “(Exhibited on 16/11/17 in Augsburg ).




”  There is power in Art,there is strength and  energy. Art unleash Dr. Vivian Timothy   unleashing the power in Art through her beautiful paintings.


We are lost without our roots,

We have been caught up in Modern times,

Rushing and wondering about our identities,

With some of us Standing and questioning,

” The power of Art ”


There is power in Art,

In  paintings , writings and other Artworks,

They do not only carry ideological powers that circulates


They also possesses the power that ignite , intensifies,

And refills.


In short, there is  a dimension we might call

A ” Power of Art ”

Not only in the forms, we Interprets them,

Also in the meaning s  that we make of them,

Most unspoken language of Arts evade intimidation,

With their heavy Linguistic and painted words that will

Ever remain  unspoken


“The power of Art “,

A language that speaks power,

That give energy and refill hollows.


That extend invitations,

And pierce hearts of those who speak the language.

What most People call ” Wealth ” ,

Arts call it  “Power “,


Committed to improving everyone,

Art will give you strength,

And power to unveil your past,

Liberate you from bondage,

And transform you  higher,


Is there power in Art ?

Yes !

Take sometime out each day ,

Sit down and scroll ” Art unleash ”

Then you will identify the Kind of

” Power and energy there is in Art “.




The agony of a Young man.


When I feel pains ,I cry to God,

When I cant anymore,

I wrap myself in prayers,


We have been sapped of all,

But the Lord is our strength

We are mourning a loved one ,


It is sad to lose a wife,

And worst to get threats from in-laws,

In-laws that you never quarrelled with,

That you  thought were your brothers and sisters by marriage.


A wife died and a Young man have faced

More agony and have not had time

To mourn His wife,


God of justice,

Who said there is no God,

A God that fight for the oppressed,

That speak for the lowly,

A living God.

He will rescue you Young man ,

In this time and ever,

Allow God to do your battle.

The pain in saying goodbye.




Most times ,we look at death as not a part of us,

We even think it happening to”THEM” not ,US”-

We know death will come when it will ,

And strike  with no regrets , no discriminations,

And no distinctions.


It strikes unplanned, at any time, irrespective of

Age, Position, Status, Religion and Name in anyone´s journey,

Take it or leave it, we remain a death denying Society,

And look for reasons of death else where and not

Accepting death when it Comes.


The truth is that death is real ,and does not only happen to “THEM”.

It happens to all,

Ncheta , death has stuck us,

You are gone and we are so sad.

Your Family have not been fair to us,

But we will Keep on treating them with “LOVE”,

For love conquers all evil.


We are mourning you with a heavy heart.

At times like this , we cannot but think of our own


For it will come when it will,


A necessary end ,

That we see as thief,

That robs us of our loved ones..

Sometimes someday,

We all will face death,

With the same fate , call it “MELANCHOLY”

Or whatever,


Every ones journey will end at God´s

Given time.

The News is that we do not want our lives to

Pass us by,

Without living a positive print,

That will be remembered .


Our Lord has made it,

That through all the opportunities ,

And reflections of life.

We should not Forget to face

The realities that death is a part

Of life, and does not only happen to “THEM”.


We all dread death ,

We all become heart-broken when

A loved one dies.

A beloved wife,mother sister,daughter in law

And a friend goes home to our eternal father,

Where there is no pains ,no wants , no struggles

And no fights.


This is like a fairy tale,

Difficult to believe that Ncheta( Joshua´s mum)

And my brother´s wife is gone like the wind.

You are gone ,

Words are not enough to express how much we have

Missed you in the last seven weeks.

Your nature,your person

Your character,is all that makes you who you are.

We all are unique in our own ways.


You have been part of our Family for the past

11-years and gave us a fantastic son (Joshua).

We love you very much and you will always

Be a part of our Family.

That is the facts of life ,we never had a quarrel with you

To require anyone else to come and settle it for us.

You were your families anchor,

Now that you are gone your way ,it will never be the same.

You have left a big vacuum.

That no one will fill .


Ncheta,you will fear death no more .

For death is seen in the holy Bible ,

As the wages of our sins ,

And passage to another world .

It is holy and sacred,

The fear of it ,

The dread of it ,

Exposes our human weaknesses.

It is not the end ,

But the beginning of a new life in a different


Ga Nudo Nchetachi,

We love you so much ,but God loves you more.

He will find you a resting place in His Kingdom.

We will forever miss you ,

We loved you  and will still love you.

In death , our brother , your husband and we your

Sisters in-laws, my Senior brother ,nieces,nephews,

And our kings men and women did not have it easy with

your People,

In the end love prevailed .


Ncheta as you finally would be led to rest

On Saturday ,11 November ,

We say farewell, Ijeoma.

We shall meet to part no more.

If the world denied you peace,

Be reassured that our mother  Mary

The Mother of Jesus has given you

a spiritual peace.


We pray the Lord overlook your short-comings

And grant you peace.


You are home to a place where there will

be no quarrels and misunderstandings,

A home where there will be no dragging of anything,

A home full of love and no threats ,

A home-made easy,

We know you are home,

But,it is hard for us not to hear from you


Not to hear your physical smiles.

And not to share those your jokes again,


Goodbye and God welcome you into His heavenly home.

May your gentle Soul rest in perfect peace.



Lets embrace our African week.




We all are waiting earnestly,

To embrace our week,

Our Long awaited week,

The African week in Augsburg,

The golden week that will unveil

Talents,artists of all kinds,


A week that have boasted and brushed

The Images and given Africans voices,

November 10th is another great day,

The opening day that we have

all being waiting for,

A day that will begin a beautiful

journey again,

With  Display of African beats,

Come all,

Join us to say thank you,

To the organisers,

No joy can be measured,

No one can thank all,

And no word can say it all,

You give ,because you care,

You help because ,

There are pains waiting to

Be voiced out,


Many of us have lost our voices,

Even before coming to Europe,

Pains unspoken,

Journey which many did not make,

Journey to Promise land,


Many encountered lots,

That can only be painted ,

Danced, singed and are written,

When I think of African week,

I think of Meeting Talents,

Whose arts of all Kinds,

Have given us hope, strength,

Whose energy have being channelled,

To tell unspeakable stories

In everyone´s way.



African week in Augsburg,

Encourages all out there,

To take the future in their Hands,

To paint and give their pains colours,


African week,

Will make you not to be the same again,


We are Africans

We will Display Africa,

Dont be silent about it,

Dont stay at home and let

This huge week pass you by,

Be a part of the solution,,

Join to colour These weeks ,


It is our week,

Thanks to you all,

Because with your help

We will make African week memorable !


Yes! It is African week,

Starting on the 10th in Augsburg.

Be there !!!!.







Is our culture loosing Its passion?.




Pardon me while ,

I seek to know,

For I do not know what

To believe anymore.


Am left in the dark,

Comparing what was and what

Is today,


Our fore-fathers ,

Did it right,

To make us see our world through


Because you are our root,

Our lineage, and identity,


Now I am left in confusion,

I seek you to know

What happened,

To ask you if that is still you,

The Long implemented

and `novella` of time,


Culture the Beauty of all mankind,

Passionate and Kind,

With no heartache  and no discriminations,


I have this Passion,

For my culture,

This idea that culture

Will shield and comfort,


What do we have today,

We don’t have that anymore,

We have restrictions and hostility,

as language of most culture,


Languages are dull

And harsh,

The vivid love is no more,

Only man-made laws ,

That are stagnant,

And depressing,

Even so brutal,

Even in death,


Who said culture is not constantly

Evolving ?


This feeling,

Terrible and nostalgic,

Presented in some of

our cultures,


Is our culture loosing

its Passion ?,

Fair thoughts,

And the good  feelings that goes with it ?.


May God save us from some

Of the cultures.



Storms of life.




” We will never get out of a storm alone without God`s interventions  and good People around us.  Sometimes we wonder how we were able to survive a storm without drowning in it, but most importantly, when we find ourselves in a storm,  Pray your prayers, hold your head high, and dont  let the lesson in the storm pass you by “.


It is bright,

The sun is shinning

All seemed beautiful and happy,

Plans are made ,what to do,


Little did one know ,

It could storm so heavily,

23/09  the weather was fine,

But death stormed ,

Disrupted and took my

Brother´s wife Nchetachi,


This is not controlled by men

This is nature´s disruptor of human´s plans.

It will storm when it wants to,

People will speculate,


Curse their curse,

Look for every reason for the storm,

Except they realities,

We see it as a big blow of life,

For my brother De Cos,

A big blow,

A test, a challenge

That dawn on  when one is in it,

To you my brother,

De cos,

You will never understand this storm,

For Joshua, it is like a fairy tale,


Here I write  to you,

To urge you to pull your ropes,

To urge you to stand firm as the storm rages,

Sunlight will come,

That will blossom in you and Josh,


Dont worry,

We all know,

Ncheta knows your challenge,

Just put up a great hope,

Lean on God,

Pray your prayers,

You will learn a lot,

For there is a lot to learn in storm,


When it Comes and it could come unannounced,

Sometimes, you could find yourself alone,

In the Moment,

Thoughts are clouded,

Thoughts of how it feels are forgotten,

To be alone ,

Feel alone ,

Watch a loved one in struggle with Asthma ,

Gave all helps,

Still wanted to help but could not do much

Screamed for help,

Did all right !

Still lost ,


It breaks us,


When you are in storm

wear your helm,

Tighten your rope,

Hold it tight,

Pray the prayers,

You will not run,

And you will not be broken,

The world is callous,

And know no pity for they

Down trodden,

You stayed put in every storm,

And you will stay put as

A heavy storm hit and

Struck your wife Nchetachi

Take your share of the storm,

Be in Control

With God your boat will not sink.



We think it happens only to them.



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(” You come into the world alone  ,and you go out of the world alone,yet death does not only happen to them it happens to us, Rest in peace our wife,sister,daughter ,friend and a mother “).


We think it happens only to them,

What we have we dont want to lose,

Especially our loved ones,

As our loved ones becomes a part of us

We dont want to lose them,

We think of death as happening to them,

we see it far from us,

But it is always very Close,

A neighbour so Close, but far in our thoughts .


When a Close Person dies ,

We are bitter and sad,

Sad that it is happening not only to them,

It is happening to us,

They ,them could be me and You,

The thought is normal ,

But there is nothing like “Them”-


Yes we think only of them,

As a way of denying and pushing away the thought-

Farther away from us,

That is our human nature,

A denial nature


Uhhh, my Family is a part of them now,

It is not only happening to them,

We are them,


We lost a daughter-in-law,

A sister-in-law,a wife ,a mother,

We Grieve and it is normal,

We are sad , sad ,


A demise of a sister-in-law,

Gone too soon,

Taken too soon,


For your husband it is like loosing a limb,

Yes the loss is irreparable,

It is not happening to them,

It is happening to us,


You have been taking too soon,

You were one of us and still ,

We say goodbye to a daughter and sister-in-law,

We will miss you until we meet again,


Your demise is not their demise,

It happened to us,and not them,

Nothing like them,

For death is a part of life,

And could strike anyone of us.


You had your  sides,

Like any one of us,

You were stubborn sometimes,

But you had a good heart,

Ready to help all even when you dont have,


Your husband feel totally hopeless,

And your 4year-old-son ,

Is already asking when his Mummy is coming back,


It is done,

And it is happening to us and not them,

We are in tears ,


For tears speak more eloquently,

And conveys a message of our grief,

Whatever may have chanced in the past,

We pray the good Lord accept you,

Forgive and grant you eternal rest,


You were so hardworking,

Just like any other woman who turns one naira to

Feed all around you,

You were stubborn,

But that was you,

Your friendliness, your boldness,

But that was you,

Perhaps they were misunderstood,

Perhaps it was interpreted differently,

Now you are gone,

It happened to us,


We love you ,but God loves you the most.

Rest in peace Nchetachi,

Ga núdo,Ijeoma.


Another anorexic act (Owerri Killings).




Life is one big road and leadership

Is with lots of signs,

Signs meant to be read and followed,


Wait a Minute ! ,

Are leaders in our Country  forgetting something ?.

To read the signs and follow the paths ?.

Ain`t they complicating the true Leadership  path ?.


Their act of governance  paths have killed love,

killed peace and tranquility.

Worst of all people´s  conscience.


We must see this,

We must  cry out for help,

And stop this atrocities going on ,

They are killing us instead of giving us shelter,


That man in king’s robe is supposed to

Rule and care for his People  with Passion,

And not hate .

They are killing and are suppressing they

People the should protect.


When the want  power,

They are hungry for it.

They pledged heaven and earth,

And tell their audience what they want to hear.


Once they climb up the lather of leadership,

They tend to turn their backs.

And spit on those who provided

Them with leadership lather.

Did you Forget to read  the sign, the path or ?.


See they are killing

The powerless, the voiceless and the invisible man.

Go tell them to stop killing,

To stop displacing the masses,


Go tell them to stop using Religion as excuses,

To stop mixing Religion and politics.

To start doing the right Thing,

Working for the People and with the People.


To give People hope, Food, work, good roads

And health insurance,

Tell them to help the masses,

To listen to the masses and

Respect their opinions.


Tell them instead of killing

The should protect,

Instead of displacing they should start placing ,

Instead of depriving they should  start providing,


Haba !

Enough is enough,

Stop this saga !

Stop this  anorexic act,

It is harming the People.

God will save us.



Vision take shape.

Dr.Vivian 1

(Academy of Universal Global peace Graduation, which took place at Westminister University, London, on 7/7/17 ).

”  If you want to be happy, set a Goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes “- Lou Holtz-.

They were brave enough,

Feared no limitations,

Had Visions,

Kept their visions alive,

They were determined and focused,


They were never bored,

They had faith,

They Believed ,

They took Action.


They had what to give,

And gave what they have.

They pursued their visions

With passion  and love,

They did not bury their visions.


They had their aims,

But did not give up,

They stepped out ,

Of their comfort zones.

And reached out.


They have gotten knocked down,

Many times,

And  have gotten up many times.

But they did not lose their visions.


They had visions,

They aimed at it,

And they got it.

They achieved the impossible

But they stepped out.


They all are  hardworking,

Dared Odds,

Worked relentlessly,

Thought big,

Saw the Need,

And went for it.


Together they are impacting,

They are changing,

They are teaching,

They are saying to All,

Join ,be the Change,

Join make a Change,


They never surrendered,

They journey looked hard,

Difficult and unreachable,

Each as a Person,

Got dedicated ,

Were willing,

In their different worlds ,

Stepped out into their  Visions,


Go get it,

Step out,

They stepped out,

Anyone can,

But just step out,


Not old, not ugly,

And not all the education,

Have the willing ,


Dream dreams,

But step out,


Go get your dream,

Be a winner,

Get your dream.

But you must step out,

Because they did.

You all are Champions,

You stepped out.


To live your dreams

They have vision

They serve mankind,

And they were  rewarded.

They lived their dreams ,

And their dreams colored their worlds.


Step into Vision,

They are good Performers,

Good Ambassadors,

And  great Inspirations.


Thank you all for ,


For stepping out,

And for  inspiring others.


Celebrate yourselves,

For you all deserve to be celebrated.

Congratulations to you all.


Dream never dies.

sDr.Vivian 2017.png

( Dr.Vivian Chioma Timothy , Vision take shape.)

” Adversities are opportunities for a daring life “- Lailah Gifty Akita ,

– Think Great be Great !-


As a Young Girl,

She had always had a dream,

But she was misunderstood,

And had no holds !.


Would she live her dreams?,

Frustrated but not down as a Young girl,

” I will dare my dream”  ,

I will live my dream.

She said !.


With this she carried on with life,

Jumped hurdles and obstacles ,

But did not lose her Vision.


Her faith in God,

Her love for God ,

And her wonderful husband and son,

Made the journey   easy,


Everytime  she is ever ready ,

Wearing smiles crowned with love,

She is ever ready ,

To give and sacrifice,

In her Young life ,

She has touched souls ,


Being a wife and a mother did not stop

Her quest for her dream,


She dreamt dreams,

Thought greatly,

Believed in herself ,

Worked day and night


In her she quested and imagined a world,

A world full of colors ,

A peaceful World,

Sometimes she would ask ?

Is that my world?

Dare me my dreams ?.


Finding and fulfilling her call,

Was what she so cherished,

And that kept her going.


The time her son was a bit Independent,

She stumbled into a friend,

Whose inspirations woken her longings for Arts,

At that Minute she knew she must step out,

And dare her Longings,


” Now she knew what must be done,

For her that was the click,

Her childhood dream,

Time to transform dreams  and visions  ,

Into a practical art.


As a child she played with pencils,

And Sketched.

As an Adult she turned this to a sensational

Motives,that understands and speaks all



She always wanted to be an Artist,

Yes, today she made it with the help

Of God.


But the Society then  could not see through her dreams.

A dream that kept on hunting her ,

A move that was not easily judged .


Her Society thought she was a  rebel,

And had no room to accommodate her Talent then,

This did not deter her inward dreams,


She was not a rebel after all,

She wanted to go after her  dreams,

And needed to be understood,

She wanted a Support,

A word to lift her and help her

To  live her vision.


Impossible though it looked then,

Maybe that was not the right time,

Today, daring her dreams has paid off,

She keeps late nights to turn thoughts and Topics

Into emotions interpreted into paintings.

Humanity  has a place in her paintings ,

Nature is nurtured,

And all suddenly have their

voices represented.


Her desire led her as a Young Girl to Europe,

The pains and obstacles could not hinder her dreams,

For one dream,

She Held on a Long time,

She lingered, and carried her Passion with Emotion,

Service and love for humanity


Lady with Talent,

Only when she has her Colors ,

She doubles her emotion

She is noble, and humble,

She is down to earth.

She is aspiring ,hardworking

And persevering,

She did not give her dream up,

And her dream did not give her up,


What a joy,

When we live our dreams with humility

And Service for mankind,

Dreams come true ,


And today 7/7/17 at Westminster University London,

They words are beyond explanations.

Her dream dared all Odds,

To be embraced by universe ,


Dare your dream,

Live your dreams,

Dont die with your dreams,

Share your dreams,

Make someone happy,

Serve mankind,


Today she is Dr. Vivian Chioma Timothy –

A Lady with Vision.