IMG_20171205_170317 - Kopie

(Sketched by Amarachi Jubiland Kanu )

” Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day “- Ralph Waldo Emerson


This type of  beautiful face,

Is sad and is crying,

You may wonder why,

Beautiful faces  shed sad tears.


Behind all faces in Africa

Are concealed tears,

Tears of lost hopes

Tears of Idleness and hunger,

Tears of Anger and frustrations ,

Tears that our leaders are fast loosing

Touch with Schools of wisdom,

Tears that even our ordained  are

failing in their Services,

Tears that we have driven God´s mercy  far faraway

from Africa/Nigeria.

And tears that our Children will never be heard.


Every Corner in Africa, Arab and globally,

Are beautiful faces with sad tears,

Crying for understanding,

Pleading for clear Leadership,

And to stop global Terror,killings

looting ,hunger and corruption .


They cry out and look for hope ,

They search it with tears,

But will never find it.

They are not heard,

Because no one is paying Attention,


They way of the wicked,

corruption, bad leaders and bad citizen

Have overtaken .


Have you asked why the sad tears,

Why These dim face,

Why These rain Drops?


You Keep thinking why,

Your head Pounds ,

Your mind itch.

Why the sadness ?


You love your Country,

You want  everything work

You plan your life

You hope all work,



Souls that do not sleep

But worry and cry

And just shed tears.


Lo! this tears speak a warning to our Nation.

Please stop bad Leadership,

For Glory is the Portion of the wise.