” A face of a mother in agony, as she watch her land sink into deeper chaos, ” will there be any hope for Africa ” ?.


In slavery  victims are seen as properties,

Human´s are sold , bought and exchanged,

African colonial masters ,

Guilty  or not guilty ?

Guilty , as  you began this race years back.


Our question last year was Why ?

Why and Why !

The Horrors in Libya, at home and elsewhere,

How can  we Parade Africa in Words and not

in deeds ?

In real sense Afrika  is full of  chaos ,

Where are the good souls that once paraded Africa ?

Why are Things falling apart ?

Chinua Achebe foresaw in his book ,

The Afrika of  today.


Economically we are not there ,

Socially we have turned imitators

And politically we are total  disaster,

What are we experiencing again?

Reports of last year has

100s of  black People auctioned ,


What are we to call this, Modern slavery or what ?,

Libya is not only guilty ,

Other African countries  are too,


In 1617 blacks were sold,

2017 black were  sold ,

2018 will blacks be sold again ?


At the Moment, Libya remain

The main Point for running away from poverty,

Another port of slavery ?

Problem of vacuum !

Boom of humans  !


What a world,

Leaders look away,

Honest men are gone,

Politics here and there,

Little talks now and then.

Problem shoved under the carpet,


Are we back in 1619s !

When blacks helped sold blacks ,


Shout out ,

A Mother in agony  scream freedom,

A mother cry out in pains seeing her,

Children driven out and forced out

To run and flee for poverty and bad Govt.

And end up being Sold,

Drowned , raped and beaten.


2018  here you are

our hope bearer,

Here we welcome you with open arms,

With champagne and fireworks,

With prayers and hopes ,


Will ” 2018 ”

Create equal opportunities,

Eradicate blind and fanatical leaders,

Include and not exclude People,

Increase infrastructures,

For Jobs,

Roads,schools, Hospitals,

Help  create HERO,

Engage youths,

And give them home again ?.


Here we  say ” NO” to violence,

To unnecessary waste of lives,

`No` to corruption,and `No`to  bad leaders,

No to camouflaging with Religion ,

And yes to honesty/transparency , equality,

one voice , respect of human lives and dignity

To all irrespective of who you are,

Where you come from,

your Religion, sex ,education and class.



Join Hands  make 2018 a violent and  slave free year.