A book with colour and taste,

A book full of stories,

Inspiring and breadth-taking.

Grab your copy now,


A book with many voices  .

We all dream dreams,

We have dreams,

And we stumble dreaming our dreams,

Our dreams sometimes get stocked,


We are a Generation with purpose,

A Generation that have fought silent wars,

A Generation that have crossed Mediterranean sea,

Physically and mentally,

A Generation looking for answers,

Seeking hopes and better life for ourselves and our



Most of us are from war-thorn,

Imperfect , corrupt and filthy countries ,

Filled with corrupt leaders ,

Illness and disease plague our People,

And Government steals from people’s purses and are called `Heros`,


No they are not !,

We are the true ` Heros`,

The `Heros`of our time,

All immigrants all over the world,

You have dared the odds,

And  risked your lives,

In your various searches for a better life,

And condition,

You  all are the true `Heros`.


There are voices in everyone of us,

Most are not being heard,

Hidden faces not seen,

Creativity undiscovered,

And Million-stories yet to be told.


We are Immigrants,

We are precious, honoured and loved

By God,


We learn in our struggles not to hold back,

To give them all,

To tell our stories,

To Inspire other immigrants , that

`Yes we all can `-


We are Immigrants,

We give voices,

We inspire,encourage and live a Passion,


All you Immigrants all over the world,

We have a Name,

For every Name have a face,

And every voice have a song,


Sing your song,

Write your stories,

Tell others,

Save souls.


No Need to be ashamed of your journey,

No Need to let the past hunt you,

No Need to let the failures of yesterday define

Your tomorrow,


Do something new,

Paint your world,

It is your space,

Create the world you want to see,

Give your voice,

We all are doing that ,why not you ?.


Thanks  to God , my family, friends and all,

and thanks to Amina Chitembo my Mentor and publisher.

” We are The perfect Migrant

And you too.