` The Perfect Migrant  book`,

A sensational ,and heart-touching life stories,

Nothing is more Impressive,

Than when you tell your own Story,

Others will Report your Story,

But` You and Me `will always own our Stories,


Avoid them telling your Story,

Difficult as it may look initially,

Still, nothing is as good as you starting your Story,


I urge you all my People ,

My Family, friends, well-wishers and my FB friends,

This book `The Perfect Migrant is worth buying,

You would have supported a Project,

To set Migrants up, to empower, and to help give voice,

For others to follow.


We know we can always Count on your Supports and love,

Go to http://www.diverse-cultures.co.uk/p/international-speakers-and authors-conference,

Book your tickets for 23rd June in Köln Germany,

And order your own copy right away,

Lets do this together,

Help us to help others to use their potentials ,

Together we will make Things work.


31064279_10155388050905986_6577696681012232192_n`THE PERFECT MIGRANT BOOK`;

A brilliant portrayal of life stories.