Shanaya (30)

People say growing old is  mandatory,

growing up is optional ”

Life is a book and there are a thousand pages

That we will never have to read about life “- Cassandra Clare -.


10/12/17  another beautiful day,

With good People and wonderful children

That have touched the heart of this wonderful woman.


Family is everything,

A rock that stay firm even when

They going gets real bad.

Thanks to this wonderful Family of Uche,

When the going went really bad,

They Held together ,

Thank God for the gift of a calm loving,

Good Soul, a great wife of her time.


We may not have it all in life,

We may not finish and be done everyday,

With an assignment .

The most important Thing is to make the

Best out of every Situation,

And not have regrets so much as to Forget a way Forward.


Even when Things did not go our way ,

We just have to make sure we find the right way in Christ,

Life will be more meaningful,

And difficulties can easily be dealt with.


Beauty we see in Looks,

But for me Beauty is not only what we see,

It is also what we say ,how we care about others,

Forgive others even when we get hurt,

And how we react to other people`s bad behaviours ,


My beloved sister you are so beautiful in and out,

You are just the best.


” If we can´t reward then , we should at least say thanks”- Unknown-

There is always a reason for us to say thank YOU,

Today the 08/12/17, a surprise day for my sister,

A perfect day to just say thank you to a caring Soul,

Today , a wonderful day for me to say the Things I have

Longed to say to You Adanne.


Nwayioma, (Beautiful woman in and out ),

You are Gold ,

We treasure you,

You have a lions heart ,

A heart full of love,

Forgiveness and Passion.

A caring heart,

I could not find any better word,

To describe you ,


We love you for who you are ,

What you are ,

And how you have treated others,

I can not think of a better sister,

A better mother, Anti, wife and friend like YOU,


You have enriched so many souls  of those

You know and those you do not know,

You taught me faith,forgiveness ,love and kindness,

You taught me how to wear smiling face even in difficulties.

I have gotten so much from you ,

And I know I can not pay back all,

I pray for you ,

To be healthy and live to see all God´s plans for you,


I love You, forever and ever.

If there will be another world after here on earth,

I pray the good Lord make you my Senior sister,

My Adanne, Nwanyiobioma,


Mama in her grave will be so  happy

That you carried her flag on,

Me and my Family and my siblings are just lucky

to have You.


I do not think that most artist

of any Kind could sacrifice their artistic influence,

on People like you have done on so many People,


We all have the Need to be appreciated,

And the Need to Show gratitude even for what

we think is small victory.


08/12/17 a Special day not only for the children ,

Who planned this great surprise Party for their


It is also a Special and surprise day filled with

Lovely People ,


I loved that surprise look,

That added more colour to the surprise day ,

A day already full of surprises.

well-done Adanna,Paschal,Jennifer and Cynthia ,

For surprising us all.


We celebrated one of the most valuable ,

Kind hearted , loving and caring woman who I know,

Adanne, Da Franca, Nwayiobioma, Ada Eliza and Patrick Uwazie.


Indeed, ” The truest greatness lies in kindness,

The truest wisdom in happy mind “- Ella Wheeler Wilcox-


Thanks Da Franca,

For your kindness,


Life is not always smooth,

We stumble and Need a Kind Hand,

Man is not always fair to one another,

Storms will come,

With faith ,kindness , forgiveness and love the world will be

A better place.


According to my husband`s calculations ”

” For 1.892.160.000 seconds you saw the light,

For 31.536.000 minutes you have learnt, practiced, understood and implemented,

For 525,600 hours you have loved, understood, given and received,

For 21900 days you have prayed, hoped and expected,

For 3120 weeks you have your confidence and your wills strengthened,

For 720 months you Extended your love and all dragged into your sog,

Yeah, when you come to think of it,  60-years is really a small number ,

When you think of what you have achieved in this time,

Who will then look back and not say well done Francesca, Keep it up !

Despite all These, are still the 60 candles that you can Count.


You are 60 times the best sister on earth,

60 times the best mother, wife, friend , Anti

And the best smallest and biggest sister-in-law for my husband,

Namely, ” My husband´s small big sister in-law Francesca.


Happy birthday to you Adanne at 60, and happy  30th Marriage Anniversary to you and uncle J.


May the good Lord continue to give you good health, protection,and abundant Blessings to  you all.


Love you ever !.