” What a tragedy , kill no more , These are God´s beloved creatures.



The world is burning, Ankara is bombed

again , what a sad time ,sad Moment

for the world .


People  are in confusion,

in Panic they search and look for

their loved ones.

Bodies are lithered and scattered.


God´s beautiful creation,

are littered and thorn into pieces,

What is your gain and what is your

joy .


They  evil ones are  at work again,

Their  heinous,tracherous

undignified  bombs have strucked again.


Setting record of woes  and misfortunes  .

Bombs are detonated and People are killed

Everywhere you go , they are there

And no one is sure where they will strike next


Determinations are dying ,

And fears are taken over ,

each time the strike. the thin they world`s hope

for unity,


Is this an attack that target the unity

and peace of the world .?

and thin the worlds Patience .

what a shame ! and what an act .


Listen to news, turn on  your Television

and Radios , you will read and hear the screams

of People in agony , ehh the Killers are

in town again, they  bombed

Slaughtered  and spilled blood .


crucial times and crucial Moments


Is it an attack of intimidation

a disunity ! or  an end time ! .


Men  women old and Young

are swept and sent

to  early graves.


Twist no more on agonies,

Play not the song of your Terror,

and Dance no more the Dance

of death .


Hand over your weapons ,

Surrender your bombs

Use not your politics to destroy

God´s work s,

Slaughter no more.