” I am age , a word, a figure and not a hindrance. So dream your dream and get your Goals , i am but a figure ” .


I am a figure , a number and just a word,

Dont worry , use me well, accomplish your

Goals because i am just a number

and no hinderance.


Young, middle , old  of this planet,

All have something to do with me ( Age ).

I am Age , just a number  and not

a  demon.


Different ages  all found in this planet .

Earth rotates , days passes and age moves .

I am not static, Young middle and old ,

success is for all.


Hinder yourself not,because of age

I am  only but a figure , and there to help you

be wise and use me well, i will be there

to guide you , dont Panic,

I am Age, a word ,and a good companion


Dont let this figure deter you,

And shy you from your struggles ,

You are unique and age is not your shadow.


Go for your dream ,and dont make Age

be the reason for your failures,

Go for it, work for your dreams and

Dont let this figure scare you , i am

just but a  number .


Get in the way of your dream ,

Pursue your Goal and not your  age ,

Work towards your dream and be respectful

Because ,  i am just  a number , and  not a Monster


I encourage and not discourage ,

I am brave and not scary,

So dream your dreams and work towards

your success , because

you could be a Testament to millions,


It is not too late, dont say

your old, because this ” Age ” is just

but a  figure .

Dont let it scare you,because it is a part of life

and not a way of life.


I am just but a number  and attitude

and not  in the way of your success,


Dont write yourself off, because no one

Said age is a barrier to who you want to be

Dont feel sad when you get to midage and your dreams

are still unmet .


Age is just a number  and not a hindrance

be conscious, use it wisely and act wisely

But dont surrender your dreams , your hopes

your future, for old we shall all be one day

but dont let it be in your way,

Success is not only for the Young ones .


” Age is a number achieve your dream

at any stage in yourlife “- Unknown Quote-