Dr.Vivian 1

(Academy of Universal Global peace Graduation, which took place at Westminister University, London, on 7/7/17 ).

”  If you want to be happy, set a Goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes “- Lou Holtz-.

They were brave enough,

Feared no limitations,

Had Visions,

Kept their visions alive,

They were determined and focused,


They were never bored,

They had faith,

They Believed ,

They took Action.


They had what to give,

And gave what they have.

They pursued their visions

With passion  and love,

They did not bury their visions.


They had their aims,

But did not give up,

They stepped out ,

Of their comfort zones.

And reached out.


They have gotten knocked down,

Many times,

And  have gotten up many times.

But they did not lose their visions.


They had visions,

They aimed at it,

And they got it.

They achieved the impossible

But they stepped out.


They all are  hardworking,

Dared Odds,

Worked relentlessly,

Thought big,

Saw the Need,

And went for it.


Together they are impacting,

They are changing,

They are teaching,

They are saying to All,

Join ,be the Change,

Join make a Change,


They never surrendered,

They journey looked hard,

Difficult and unreachable,

Each as a Person,

Got dedicated ,

Were willing,

In their different worlds ,

Stepped out into their  Visions,


Go get it,

Step out,

They stepped out,

Anyone can,

But just step out,


Not old, not ugly,

And not all the education,

Have the willing ,


Dream dreams,

But step out,


Go get your dream,

Be a winner,

Get your dream.

But you must step out,

Because they did.

You all are Champions,

You stepped out.


To live your dreams

They have vision

They serve mankind,

And they were  rewarded.

They lived their dreams ,

And their dreams colored their worlds.


Step into Vision,

They are good Performers,

Good Ambassadors,

And  great Inspirations.


Thank you all for ,


For stepping out,

And for  inspiring others.


Celebrate yourselves,

For you all deserve to be celebrated.

Congratulations to you all.