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( Dr.Vivian Chioma Timothy , Vision take shape.)

” Adversities are opportunities for a daring life “- Lailah Gifty Akita ,

– Think Great be Great !-


As a Young Girl,

She had always had a dream,

But she was misunderstood,

And had no holds !.


Would she live her dreams?,

Frustrated but not down as a Young girl,

” I will dare my dream”  ,

I will live my dream.

She said !.


With this she carried on with life,

Jumped hurdles and obstacles ,

But did not lose her Vision.


Her faith in God,

Her love for God ,

And her wonderful husband and son,

Made the journey   easy,


Everytime  she is ever ready ,

Wearing smiles crowned with love,

She is ever ready ,

To give and sacrifice,

In her Young life ,

She has touched souls ,


Being a wife and a mother did not stop

Her quest for her dream,


She dreamt dreams,

Thought greatly,

Believed in herself ,

Worked day and night


In her she quested and imagined a world,

A world full of colors ,

A peaceful World,

Sometimes she would ask ?

Is that my world?

Dare me my dreams ?.


Finding and fulfilling her call,

Was what she so cherished,

And that kept her going.


The time her son was a bit Independent,

She stumbled into a friend,

Whose inspirations woken her longings for Arts,

At that Minute she knew she must step out,

And dare her Longings,


” Now she knew what must be done,

For her that was the click,

Her childhood dream,

Time to transform dreams  and visions  ,

Into a practical art.


As a child she played with pencils,

And Sketched.

As an Adult she turned this to a sensational

Motives,that understands and speaks all



She always wanted to be an Artist,

Yes, today she made it with the help

Of God.


But the Society then  could not see through her dreams.

A dream that kept on hunting her ,

A move that was not easily judged .


Her Society thought she was a  rebel,

And had no room to accommodate her Talent then,

This did not deter her inward dreams,


She was not a rebel after all,

She wanted to go after her  dreams,

And needed to be understood,

She wanted a Support,

A word to lift her and help her

To  live her vision.


Impossible though it looked then,

Maybe that was not the right time,

Today, daring her dreams has paid off,

She keeps late nights to turn thoughts and Topics

Into emotions interpreted into paintings.

Humanity  has a place in her paintings ,

Nature is nurtured,

And all suddenly have their

voices represented.


Her desire led her as a Young Girl to Europe,

The pains and obstacles could not hinder her dreams,

For one dream,

She Held on a Long time,

She lingered, and carried her Passion with Emotion,

Service and love for humanity


Lady with Talent,

Only when she has her Colors ,

She doubles her emotion

She is noble, and humble,

She is down to earth.

She is aspiring ,hardworking

And persevering,

She did not give her dream up,

And her dream did not give her up,


What a joy,

When we live our dreams with humility

And Service for mankind,

Dreams come true ,


And today 7/7/17 at Westminster University London,

They words are beyond explanations.

Her dream dared all Odds,

To be embraced by universe ,


Dare your dream,

Live your dreams,

Dont die with your dreams,

Share your dreams,

Make someone happy,

Serve mankind,


Today she is Dr. Vivian Chioma Timothy –

A Lady with Vision.