” If we are to have peace on earth…our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe,our class, and our Nation, and this means we must develop a world perspective ”

– Martin Luther King Jr. –


You are oppressed but not finished,

You are down but not out.

Whatever, I am Igbo and I stand against



If your child is bad,

You will pray for her to change,

You will not throw her away,

Or give her up,

You will want to help her,

To  have perspective,

To bounce back.


It is Oppression and not freedom,

They are Riding forcefully on people´s rights,

Quitting  us at random,

Telling us we  are foreigners in our own land,

We are oppressed,

But we will go on our knees,


Igbos wherever  you are  !

It is time to pray,

Time to seek the face of God,

Time to love your Brothers,

Time to be your Brothers keeper,


Igbos wherever you find yourself,

look for your neighbour,

Your brothers and ask for peace,

Show love ,

Dont back-bite your brother,

Stand together ,

And be fair to one another.


Get on your knees ,

wherever you are ,

Now and forever ,

Never doubt what God can do through



Prayer is powerful,

Only believe and have faith,

Use your hearts ,

Give God  your tears,

For He is God forever,

He will spur us,

Strengthen us and fight for us,

Hold on to God even now that  we are so



I urge you my People ,

To Do your part very well,

Be a garden that God can thread on,

Feel sober ,

Ask  God for forgiveness,

We Need to change our ways,

For God loves a sincere heart,


They hate us with their guts,

But we will love them

” For love is the only force capable

of transforming  an enemy  to a friend  ”

Martin Luther King Jr. ).


Dont Forget,

Use the weapons of prayer,

Use your mind,

” when your mind is A weapon,

You are not unarmed Army Jacket –


Dont Forget!

” The most weapon of the oppressor is the

mind of the oppressed “.

  • Steve Biko “-


You are down , oppressed but not finished.