” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter “- Martin Luther king Jr.-


Can they be justified?

Arewa plan!

They came together

Conspired to wipe us,

To Spill the bloods and make us

Start with 20Naira again,


That is their News,

Their new strategy,

An Agenda,


They are at it again.


A News some termed it!

But wait a Minute,

This could be the best News,

The best gambling,

The best time ever

To free a folk,

That have suffered all their lives,

For being Igbos,

A folk hated ,

But needed in Building up,


The best time perhaps ,

For These Arewa Groups

To let my People go.

Dont joke,

It is not a joke,

They are serious,

They wont rest,


Igbos come home,


Arewa Aboki threat s!

You know they all have one gene,

Same blood  Group ,

And same intent to kill,

Hate Igbos,

And would want to wipe Igbos out completely,


Come to think of it,

Did our great Ojukwu not warn us !

During all the time he fought to free

You and me !


Lord Lugard you probably thought you knew best,

Putting Folks together that  have nothing in


Was it then to your interest?.

Lord Lugard left ,and left Nigeria in Chaos ,

To seek and look for their identities ,

With one tribe dominating powers,

killing and issuing Warrants at random,


You can’t tell me you are not Feeling this pains

of the Igbos even in your grave.


They Arewa Abokis are on it again,

Humiliating and displacing the Igbos again.

Leaving them to Fate


God of the Igbos ,

God of the orphans and the oppressed,

Arise now,

Save your People ,

Send another Moses ,

And support the Moses we have.


Ojukwu is not resting,

He sure has not find his peace,

He knew this day would come again,

And would no longer be swept under the carpet,

Remember situations like this,

Is keeping him restless in his grave,


What he believed in , fought and died for,

That is  here again,

The man who dragged them to Aburi  all,

To secure rights for us,

Who fought for Ahiara declaration,

Just to free us,

What man can do this ?,


Tried  to give us freedom,

To free us from the Pharaohs of Nigeria !,

From them continuing  humiliating the IGBOs.

From always being quitted and asked to go home,

By those who claimed to be Landlords of Nigeria.

From you being called foreigners in a place you

Fought,sweat so hard for,

He freezed his father’s Money, sold off his

Father´s properties , all for us,


Was he betrayed sabotaged !

He cried for us,

He refused to see us being treated like


He hated to see His people force to carry,

Their bags and bagges on their heads,

And heading down home,

He wanted justice for us all,

Equal rigts where you all would only

Be judged by your characters,

And not dialects, religion or tribe,


He meant it well,

He hated us to be called criminals,

Called thieves when the other

Big thieves are worshipped and

Called heros.

Why because they are immuned,

And have godfathers .


Will you say your Poise is shaken ?

Arewa threat, not mere threat but a time bomb,

firefighters can not stop this ,

Only justice, Fairness  can,



Never mind,

Igbos are fighters, hardworking,

Great survivors,

They are Igbos they will stand again.


” Nothing in all the world is more dangerous

than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity “.-

Martin Luther King Jr.