I lighted a candle,

I wondered after 3 trials ,

For some it ignites at a streich,

For some,

It may be off and on,

For others it may take time,


Whereever you belong to,

That is human existence,

Realities and not fairy tales,


We all wish a straightforward thing,

Life is sometimes like lighting a candle,

Try once, perhaps yes,

If not go on trying.


Road of life,

Road to success,

Road to getting to our target s

To our dreams.


Is Like lighting a  candle ,

lighted and refusing to light,

It Stirs your hopes after many trials

And want to make you wonder,


Go on your knees,

Pray incesantly,

Try other ways,

Give yourself many chances,


Dont be a coward,

Dont break your plans,

Dont stop trying to light your candle,

Risk your time,

Make a great search,


You can do it,

Even when others think you cant,

Millions  of no should not stop you,

Be a great thinker,

Turn your hopes in to a plan,


Go on light your candle,

Do it over and over,

Till it light.