To you love and Kind ones,

Who invest time, Money, affection

Dedication  ,Talent and prayers towards others,


Those who embraces others,

Who encourages others when they

Feel discouraged and low,

When all hopes are lost,

When everywhere look so dark,

You help them

To see the light,


Dont worry,

Just be happy,

Do whatever you are doing  with love

And Passion.

Go on encourage others  ,

It worths  all the pains,


To you I write love song,

Songs of praise and love,


To you !

I say   when you are tired,

Look back ,

You will see millions of those smiling faces,

Millions whose hopes you revived,

Millions of Talents you helped to live again .

Millions that refused to give up

Just because of you.


When you look back,

You will see faces filled with hopes,

Faces ready to applaud,

Faces you made to smile,

Those who you helped to stand,

Those who did not give up,

All because you encouraged them.


Then you know that you have done it right,

And you will want to do more.


Dont Forget !

Millions are wishing you well,

They are praying for You,

Day by day.


It is a big pleasure,

A great Blessing,

To sacrifice for others.


When we help and encourages others ,

we ourselves are also being  encouraged.


” Whatever you do ,do to the glory of God “.

– –      1  Corinthians 10:31-.