A myth or what  ?

Each time I think of Africa,

Democracy Comes to my mind,

I am rooted in Africa,

I know Africa and speak and argue

On Africa.


A Nation with historical contexts,

Rich and blessed.

A Nation that had a System,

Culture and ways before

She was stolen and disbalanced ,

In the Name of civilization.


Civilization   marginalised her,

Gave Her a new identity ,

Changed Her to be strange ,

Strange to all it has known before,


The rule and order,

The peace, harmony, unity and good

Governance became estranged,

Forbidden and taboo.


The called their domineering rule


Which demo-crazed they few,

Who had the leadership

What does the word Democracy mean for Africa !.


For Africa !

It is confusion ,a strange situation

Camouflaged for the big Lords as they

Are known,


Mr President!

I `m Democracy,

But I practiced

Dictatorship under the umbrella of



Take power rule your style,

Be in Office even when all are crying wolf,

Born a president, ruled as a president ,

Died as a president ,

And be buried as a president,

That is their game,

A theatre for good actors like

Most African leaders.


That is Democracy in most African


Even when People are oppressed,

It is in our eyes Democracy,


Demo-cracy or demo-crazy !

Whatever ,

It is a word  that have a different

Style of ruling in Africa ,


I acknowledged freedom,

We had it,

My forefathers had a fair system

System that had dignity ,Fairness and respect,

system that had its Name and weight.


I respect the roots ,that were then seen in families,

Communities, kins, among friends and comrades,


What does  the word Democracy mean  today!

In Africa ?

In Nigeria ?


Nhhhhhhh !


Mean, demoralising,

Intimidating and suppressing

an Arena for the fittest,

with careless styles ,

Greedy  and corrupt old leaders,

Democracy  for all,

Is today for few………………………