In remembrance of those who lost their lives in Nigerian`s civil war —


Freedom not near ,

Atrocities of 50years,

Back to Memory.


Who can bail,

Who  dare to speak,

And who dare to cry!

Who wants to hear ?.


50 years ago millions were murdered,

Many perished in Nigeria,

Who has forgotten ?

Hear it now ,

Who were punished ?

No one!

Who were Held responsible ?

None !


I hear UN speak about atrocities done against


Who is speaking on this after 50years?.

They were sons and daughters,

Born like you and me,

They were marginalised, discriminated and hated.

They were coldly murdered like animals .



Nomadic an art of movement,

And not an art of governing,

Painted, writers have poetized them,

With their linguistic space.


Leadership as ?

Wandering between towns and states !.

Killing and slaughtering,

Grasses were not even spared,


Is history forgotten easily ?

Glorious  were brutalised ,

Marginalised and

Mighty are with guns

No Rotation,

No change

No merit and no gain.


Time are obscure

Conditions are bad,

History must be told,

50 years today,

Freedom is still manipulated,

Poverty and humiliation persisting,

Freedom Speakers are arrested,

silenced ,


Where are you the dog watchers,

They that robbed us of our culture,belief

and System of rules !

You came as a friend  , marginalised us,

Used our ignorance and turned it to Gold,

You never knew this could break us ,


It truly broke us and set us ablaze,


They claimed they knew us better,

But they never cared ,

50years now where is our freedom!.



Freedom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!