” See our beauty, robbed and enveloped with corruption “.


Everything is made imperfect with You ,

With You an  old System   overpowers



Why are you drowning your People?

Setting them back another century ?,

Cutting through the meals of your People,

And stealing and looting from them ?


I ask You !

Where is your conscience ?

Or  do you want to remain a cheater and a looter for life ? ,

Hiding millions and billions in cemeteries,

When your wards can’t even feed ?,


Your youths are hopeless without future

And are falling into the Hands of criminals

And joining your Long existing Institution ,


Are you not worried at what  you are doing in Nigeria ?,

Your People are dying because they Money meant

For them are shared and looted,


No good Food, no good roads, no good hospitals

And not even educational Institutions that could

Have  shown them light ,


How mighty are you corruption !

That your Name sends chills on People ,

You are the only heartless Thing that can

Rob the masses of what belongs to them

Including their freedom ,


Not only have you robbed them of

Their natural wealth called Mineral


You have even sold, dealed with foreigners

To steal from people´s purses,


Even their conscience you hold in ransom,

You  are the only Thing that have the

Intimidating Spirit to send People to work

And leave them hungry,

Teachers are asked to work and are not paid ,

Those meant to rule, you steal their conscience.

And turn them enemies of Progress and looters of

all times


Haba! Mr corruption !

You made everyone that have the guns and Money

To Parade freely and oppress ,

discriminate , dominate and intimidate those you

Should protect,

Kidnapping have become like a normal trading

Where human beings are priced and are exchanged back with Money.


How Long !

Do you want to torment this Nation ?,

Mr. Corruption,

We want to ignore You , but we can’t,

Because your hold widens the gap

And allow Tensions grow,

Fears abound , because of your presence,


Wall of silence is built around ,

Rigid faces mask around,

Oh Corruption  I abhor you,


Leave and let Africa rise.