If you dont like your life,

Change it,

If you dont like your Environment

Change it,

If your wears are not pleasing  to you ,

Change them,


If your work does not offer you the joy ,

Change it,

If some friends are not healthy to you,

Leave them,

If your thoughts are bringing you down,

Please Change them.


If you are lacking in Faith ,

Just Change  your ways,

If you can’t kneel down and

Speak with God,

Change it .


Complaining  about

is not enough,

Be the one to speak truth to yourself,

Be the Change,

Work for it,

Pray for strength

And go for it,


If your Situation is

Not what you expect,

Change it.


For Change will not come looking

for you ,

You are  the one that Change is waiting


So use the past to get your Change ,

And dont miss your Change

By  looking so Long at the past.


” Change your thoughts and you Change the world ”

-Norman Vincent Peale -.