” Work hard for what you want,

because it wont come to you

Without a fight.

You have to be strong and courageous and know that

you can do anything you put your

mind to .

If somebody puts you down or criticizes you

Just Keep on believing in yourself,

Turn it into something positive “-   Leah LaBelle .


Looks hard sometimes to stay put to your dreams,

Even when it looks so close,

I stretched my hands and i hear sorries ,


I Struggle everyday,

Stumbles and no answers will come,

You hear sometimes, sorry we can’t now,


Give yourself no option,

Stay true to your dreams,

Accept that nothing comes easy,

Dont fail  to give all your best,


Believe it ,

No matter how hard the battle is,

No matter how long it takes,

Hope, faith in God, optimism,

Will lead you there.

I waited patiently,

I refused to worry,

I believe

For I am not giving you up,


You are my dream,

And with God I will realise YOU.