” For the love of Money is root of  all Kinds of evil .

Some People eager for Money, have wandered from the

faith and pierced themselves with many griefs ” – 1 Timothy 6-10,in New International Version ).


Many want to be rich without hard honest works,

Many have fallen apart and gotten into illegal ways

of being rich,

Some became foolish and stupid and are blinded by quest to be

the best guy,

The richest with best houses , good cars ,

Someone who can travel everywhere,

Get into everywhere,and be feared everywhere.

What can love of Money and the Feelings of not having

enough not do ? .


Some have killed, even duped their families,

kidnapped for Money,

Leaders are burying Money  in secret places,

Money meant for their People !.

Haba !, what happens after all These quest,

All These Riches without a good Name ?.

All these love for Money,

A bad love for uncertain treasure,

Endless torments awaits you ,


Some guys have died a foolish death,

Gotten into traps and are in prisons,

Do not get into robbery, do not get into kidnappings,

And do not get into unclean riches.

These illegal ways dont last.


There are so many ways of making clean Money,

Get honest, go the right way  ,hope,

Pray hard , and be optimistic

Set a good clean and attainable Goals,

Remain true to yourself,

Surround yourself with positive

good People,


Thank God and be satisfied with You,

You dont have any Need to please others,

Neither do you have any Need to be someone else

Stop comparing yourself to others,

You are you, with God on your side  ,


” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth ,

where moth and rust destroy,

And where thieves break in and steal “- Matthew 6:19