Optimism is a Kind of faith,

A strong faith that will lead both

Young and old, leaders and ruled to

A graceful  world full of progress,


Optimism will lead us all

To our  dreams  and

Help us achieve  Goals,

Goals that are unattainable.


Nothing can move on without hopes,

Without optimism and without hard work ,honesty,

Transparency , amongst everyone

Government and non governmental bodies.


No Nation survives  without optimism, without hopes,

Without good government  that have good conscience

And love of their People at hearts .


The world is  full of turmoil,

Full of evil , full of hatred and godless People .


With fair leaders  who have the interest

Of their People at hearts ,a crumbling Country

Can stand again.

Nations will rise up again,

To  be rebuilt and give both poor and rich

Hopes for a better tomorrow  .


It is nearly impossible to move a country Forward,

Without optimism , hope and faith,

Without good and fair  leaders ,


Without plans , without good Management,

Honesty, transparency and equal Treatment ,

Irrespective of tribe, language and Religion.


Bad leaders are like viral infections ,

That attack economy and render it  static ,

With Recession, corruption , looting and crimes,

sufferings of the masses  as side effects,


Hopes of People are lost .

Optimism becomes pessimism ,

Fear cripples in and  People will rise

against its  own People.


Hope and faith go together,

Without hopes faith is difficult

The same goes with good leaders and economic

Growth of a Nation,


A leader can stay in Leadership so Long—-

As Long as he is not Standing alone ,

As Long as he kept his promises to rebuild and not loot

Its  own Nation.


I know there are  difficulties everywhere,

I know the world is filled with Troubles and

Confrontations ,injustices abounds everywhere.


But with optimism , faith  accompanied with prayers

And    deep-rooted hope –

We shall  overcome………. .