Unbenannt Vivian 234


” Art unleashed Vivian Timothy speaking through her paintings of women on ” Moving Women Conference , Munich 25/03/17 “.


Art unleash, thank you for

leashing out your potentials ,

Thank you for carrying all along the latter,

And thank You for reaching out,


In your efforts you  have painted  women great,

Turning  women with your  paintings to Queens and beauties,

That they are .

Brushing them to the height the belong .

Telling all women weak and strong to rise

To their dreams.


Dare your Odds,

Dare your dreams,

Climb above your height,

Get to the top,

Grab your opportunities ,

These are your ” Mottos “.


When i look at how you painted women in their

Beauties ,

How you just in a painting Described and shaped ,

Women ,

How you made this species The Beauty of a Nation,

The stronghold and the anchor,

Which nature made them to be .


Your Display of language in your  Artwork,

Says it all,

On March 25/03/17 You painted

Us women out of our comfort and fear


You showed that it is never too late,

And through you many of us came to embrace age

as just a figure,

It is never too late you spoke in your paintings ,

And it is always good to carry others along.


My beautiful artist ,

My cultural ambassador that dared  all Odds,

That shaked off all Odds,

And Held so tight to God,


I call  you   “Nwachinemere “,

Because You are truly one .


Munich 25/03/17 at Gasteig

” Moving women empowerment conference ”

Brain child of our beloved Sarah –

Brought out another beautiful paintings of  women,

That made mouths gaped,

paintings  that  spoke  every languages  ,

That gave the low

And down trodden  ” WOMAN” a view and a touch

To look back and say,


Oh yes we can.


Thanks Art unleash Vivian Timothy – For

Speaking  Progress with your paintings  –