” Gone from us , but lived in Us ,in my mind I will always remenber one with smiles even when she is suffering , continue to rest in peace Mama “.


It seems like yesterday.

1/4/16 marks one year after your Exit,

You passed away a year ago.

I cry because I miss you all the time,

I talk to you anytime i Needed your advice.

You did all and sacrificed for us even when

Your husband died early ,


You shared your meagre salary and made sure we all went to School.

No matter the age you died, you are and will

Remain a golden mum,

No one can replace your place.


As i reflect on your life today


I cant help but smile and thank God for

Making you my Mama

You my truest friend ,

My heart ,my Soul,

My strength you were and still ,

The Inspiration and my Support you will

Always be .


The most beautiful woman ever

All I am , all  I ever  will be,

I owe all to God and  you my precious mama.

You saw me through and accompanied me

Everytime with your prayers,


In my many failings you intensified

Your prayers and always had something

Inspiring to tell me.

Oh wonder Mama ,

You are resting in the bosom of the Lord,

If not you would have come back,


There are so many Things i missed about you.

Your voice, your why questions,Your humour,

and the way you confront issues,

Your way of saying sorry to us and People when

You think you have hurt anyone,


I missed your Kind words, your encouraging words,

And your inspiring prayers.

You taught me a lot,

Though as at then  I thought  and reasoned

Like any other child my age then .

Wanting freedom –

I said in my mind , that you were very strict,


No Mama you were just a good mum who did her best

To Show me and us the right way.

Sad that my daughter did not get to know you,

But never mind , your legacy she will experience

Because i am just going to treat my fellow human beings

with love , Fairness,with prayers as you thought us.


You always said to us give more and expect

less because as you put it,

” There is more joy in giving than taking”

St Vincent de Paul for the poor was your brain child,

This you supported and still encouraged us to

go on Support.


Sorry Mama  when we did not do Things they

Way You would have wanted it,

Sorry that we caused you pains, to sacrifice

And never really weary.


Thank You for all you were /is ,

Most importantly thank You for taking the pains of

being a Mama to us all.


You are resting in peace

And may you continue to find your peace in

The Lord Mama.


Ever great Mama you were and still will be

Even at death.

Love you ever Mama Eliza,



Ezinne  Uwazie ( Nee Nwachukwu ).