” Gone from us , but lived in Us ,in my mind I will always remenber one with smiles even when she is suffering , continue to rest in peace Mama “.

It seems like yesterday.

1/4/16 marks one year after your Exit,

You passed away a year ago.

I cry because I miss you all the time,

I talk to you anytime i Needed your advice.

You did all and sacrificed for us even when

Your husband died early ,

You shared your meagre salary and made sure we all went to School.

No matter the age you died, you are and will

Remain a golden mum,

No one can replace your place.

As i reflect on your life today


I cant help but smile and thank God for

Making you my Mama

You my truest friend ,

My heart ,my Soul,

My strength you were and still ,

The Inspiration and…

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