This is for you ,You my crowned queen of the world,

Both Young and old, of all class, race, religion

These day is dedicated to You all and for You

My able women ,no matter your Status.

Come make it a day that will go down in history,


It is for You ! beautiful women .

Take Action !

Empower yourself with Knowledge on health,

Integration, African paintings and stories of

Women ,cultural Dance, Fashion and a guide to

Understanding your Career .


You will learn to speak out and act out,

Women ,Know your gender , honour and love yourself,

For you are the queen, the mother of the universe,

And the pillar of every Family.


The world depends on you,

Take your place and know who you are,

You are highly treasured .


Although you are made from a man´s rib,

You are God`s apple, and a Blessing to the world,

But you have to know YOU and appreciate YOU,

Your place is not only in the kitchen or bedroom,

You belong also to Leadership, Government houses

And where it matter most  .


Take Action,

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Dont wait , be a part of this great conference,

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Women this is your day take Action,

Change your Course ,

You are so important ,

The rock ,the foundation and the pillar

Of any Nation.


The mother of both rich and poor.

The world is longing to have you back,

To help groom Kids with manners ,Kids with love for  one another,

Kids that are Godly , Kids with respect for life

Kids that are  future hope for tomorrow,


But dont Forget be empowered , dont stop to try new Things

And dont bury your Talent,

You have what it takes to fix homes and the world,

But you have to take Action.

And that day is on the 25/3/17 at Munich Gastieg,

Dont say i did not tell you,

Am doing it now,

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