” We shall no longer  fold our arms and watch the world crumble under rebels, we can do more by turning to God “.


Is an act of disobedience in any form,

Mostly an act of disobeying God.

We do realise that this is the worlds greatest Problem today.

Homes are rebelling against each other,

No one wants to be told the truth,

Those in government have made themselves incredible.,


Go back to the roots

Think of where everything started,

When parents were respected,

Children were good children,

Religion was out of politics,

And were conscience for all,


And youths were Futures and not rebels,

And adults led by examples.


Adults no longer told the truths,

Children are copying fast and are

imitating negatively,


Leaders are failing, everywhere.

Democracy in most countries are mistaken

for dictatorship,


People are no longer allowed to speak out and say no

To evils going on,


All have rebelled and come short of Gods glory,

Repent All, and let us give God a place in our lives,

in our families/homes, in the world.


So as to make the world a better place for our children.