”  The harder you fall, the heavier your heart, the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb, the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal ,”- Criss Jami-.



We all have a past,

We all have stumbled sometime,

Fallen many times, wept when the going

Failed to work as we expected it.


There is no up or down,

If you dont try,

You will be sad if you dont try

If you dont attempt to climb,

You will never find out what it means to fall.


A Stone is always there to remind us

That we can fall, even when we think

We are so careful,

Stumbling many times is not a crime

Others have stumbled and fallen .


It gets sometimes rough before it gets better,

Dont use your past to Keep others miserable,

It is your Story, it may interest  and help others.


So learn to rise  with fate when you fall.