We wake up everyday and Forget to thank God,

We leave everyday like we have the whole time,

Some grieves are untold, and are not shared.


Let us learn to leave everyday as if it were our Last,

Everyday is a gift from God,

Cherish it, respect it and use it wisely,

It may be the last day,

So do the right Thing now .


Dont go about with grudges,

Be Patient and forgive one another,

We are not here forever,

We carry our pains , bundle them up

And move around with pains untold,

Life is so short ,but look as if it will last  for ever in our eyes,


Dont wait for tomorrow,

To call your parents, to mend your fences

And to tell someone you love her.

Dont wait for tomorrow  to  do the right Thing,

To be a good leader and to think of the less privileged,


Do it now, tomorrow may be too late,

To undo some wrongs .

So do it now.