Let us not Close our eyes to the atrocities

Going on in Nigeria,

People are killed everyday,

Christians are burnt A Life  !


No one is safe again .


My God as i join the millions of Nigerians today and ever,

To plead for your mercy,

Your sons and daughters are being slaughtered by

Moslem fanatics,

Are you going to watch your children perish in the

Hands of These unbelievers ?


Call upon me says the Lord and I will answer YOU.

Nigerian christians are calling upon you,

Our hearts are bleeding.


My messiah , My God you are watching.

Dont forsake your children.


Nigerians it is time to cross the fence  now or never,

The evils that men do should leave with them.

Enough of These insecurity, These slaughter

and These waste of lives.


Get up now and cross the bench,

Equip yourselves with prayers .