Nigeria is a big battlefield

Where the strongest in corruption get

The win and leave the less privileged to

languish and die.


I write today for the millions of Nigerians ,

Home and abroad,

Of all faiths , from every religion

At moments like this ,

When home , no longer holds for us,

When we have a System

That have shaped the lives of most of us


With Long suffering, intolerance

loss of Jobs, lives, homes,

Plague of hunger , disease and no future


No cause for pride

No rights of individual but very few.

killings and Kidnapping.

Fear and insecurity becomes normal,


Men can no longer run homes,

What is a man worth if he can not boast

of sustaining a home ?,


You leaders ,Gain the world , and loose your souls.


All men are created equal but the present

Nigeria and government have a different definition

You have the right to live when you have

The right Connection, the wrong faith, and criminals ,


Nigerians need liberty,

Why offering them death ,

You pass barrier with White Skin in the west,

But in Nigeria you pass a barrier with Religion,

And having the wrong People on your side.


What type of Nation and where is democracy

When Herdsmen kill and occupy land and no

One is arrested,

When People are forced to leave home because

Home is no more safe,

People die from Little illnesses because

No  Money  for Panadol, but big Money to send a leader

Abroad for medical check up,

Rich and corrupt men send their Children to Schools abroad ,

While the poor are made to face the crunch at home.


We will welcome a Nation that allow freedom

Of Expression, respect and dignity of mankind.

And not a Nation corrupt and filthy, smeared with

Innocent bloods and are not bold enough to

Fight and preserve the rights of its People.

Lets pray together fight our Course in faith.


Can we overcome ?, God help us .