“New year brings joy, hope, love . May  year 2017 have a lesser disaster, lesser pains , hate and lesser displacement of people, and more of tolerance , love for one another , Happy New year everyone ! “.


Every new year is always a wonderful moment

For all of us ,

We await ,and have expectations,

We expect it to open and blossomed like

a flower,


Every year that passes by , Comes and goes with

Good and bad , lost, death, war, insecurity,etc.


For whatever was in the old year,

Dont Forget that every new year

The 31st of every year calls for reflection,

On what we did right and wrong,


We recount These to replan

To bring Balance in our lives


Make this year different,

Discover more to life ,

And ask yourself why you are here.


The essence of a New year is to have

A new mind, new Soul and new ways

of doing Things ,


If last year did not work better ,

Try a new  way.


Years comes and Ends , and new year begins

With all wisdom and all Things anew,


Each new age has a Price that goes with it,

That is wisdom, doing Things better,

Thinking about others , and believing in yourself,

Start Change right at your door,

To avoid regrets  ,


So we can make 2017 a better year.


Happy New year to everyone !!!!.