” The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green Thing which stands in their way,- William Blake –


A tree is judged by its fruit ,

They whisper to us, but we have to



A man is seen from his character

Trees  are beautiful and are

natures gift

The develop deep roots to stand

The Odds of times


Their roots are not seen ,

But their fruits and leaves are judged

from our optics and sense of taste,

The same way are our innerselves hidden away,

And we are only seen by our deeds and characters.


life is not to be discovered after death,

Trees dont produce good seeds after death

Trees are from nature, so are we from God.


Never be a part of  a bad tree,

Remember and think along your past

See your life as a tree,

Make a  good tree,

Give good fruits

Make a good fragrance


So that you are loved