” It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving “- Mother Teresa.



My dear sister ,

I am using today to say thank you

And pay you homage,

Your road has not been easy,

But you mastered your rough roads

Always believing God.


When crowds were leaving and expecting you

To leave,

You stood your ground ,

Not because you could not,

Because you follow the ways of Christ

You accepted your cross as you

Called it your cross.


I admire you, I admire your gut, your strength

And your ever smiles,

You taught me to ever hope for a better tomorrow,

There is a lot you have given

Now you are celebrating your birthday,


I could not wish you more than,

Gods Blessings , good health and

That your road be strengthened by



You worked so hard, you have invested all

In all, near and far,

You  deny yourself  just for others to be happy.

You shared and gave Love ,

To those who have neared You.


May the coming of  our Lord Jesus fill

All your hopes and expectations


Happy birthday to a beloved, dedicated sister,

friend and mother and wife .


We love you ever.