“Art unleash Vivian Timothy painted the woes of Africa “, a land made with honey .


Africa, especially  Nigeria, Somalia/Eritrea, Libya

Egypt, Tunisia and others,

Had all from Mother nature,

But lost all in the Hands of their Lords,

So rich  and at the same time so poor !

What  a shame  !.


Which mother sells and Exchange her wards for guns

And ammunitions ?.

Which mother gives her children to devourer

So cheap ?.

Selfishly did you mother Africa

let your Blessings  slip,

You gave away to them , and now vultures   abounds  ,

Eating and taking as much as,


Mama Africa you left the  golden land to be devoured as you

got promises,

You wanted it , and you sold all including your  soul,

Now your children are leaving because you failed

As a mother.


A mother should protect, shelter , give love and Food

To her children, as for you ,

You sold  not only your  land and wealth ,

You made your soil inhabitable and dry,

Poverty,hunger, diseases and war loom a once blessed land.


See your wards are like  Walking dead,

Cursed and robbed by poverty, and diseases.

Youths have no future, no perspectives and no hopes,

You have turned them terrorists and Kidnappers.


Your oil , Diamond , coffee and your pride are all gone .

You watch the world struggle for your pride  and buy you over

At the cost of your wards,

Which mother does such a thing ?


You are buyable , that is why you are continuously selling,

To anyone that cares to buy or even Exchange in cash and Kind.

you are corrupt and insatiable, and selfish.


Weep not Mother Africa,

Change your ways and  appease  your sins .


Weep not Mother Africa ,

Is your fault , now you watch your children

Walk miles to take a boat of life and death .

What mother can do this to her children,

Oh you wicked mother  !

You are too corrupt, to gullible and too selfish,

Shame on you, you sacrificed

your children, now they are leaving to a an unknown,

Where they will give themselves freely to Killers who are scrupulous like you,


O mother Africa what have you done,

That home is no longer home,

That home no longer give the protection, love, future ,

Hope that it promises !,


Your tears mean nothing, for you are not ready to Change,

Weep not for your children whom you have lost,

Weep for yourself and mourn for your selfishness,

You will be hunted by  those you sent to early graves.


For souls you have wasted !

Weep not !

Change, for that is the only thing

Left for You to do .