” Dont worry about the Things in life you have no Control over, instead Focus your energy on the Things you can Change, being positive and confident Keep us looking Forward instead of looking backwards “- Rashida Rowe-


Changes are good, are welcomed and embraced,

In time like this when we hope and pray for

A sane world and , when it Fails to come,our way

We grumble and break our heads ,

But don’t Forget we have to look Forward to move

Forward .


Even when characters are overlooked,

And black is seen as White and bad becomes good,

This Moment we should all be looking Forward,

To be able to move Forward.


We may be sad, down trodden, disappointed,

Everything Happening looks crazy,

Unbelievable, and sad,


That is our world, the era we find ourself ,

The era of Change, the era of bad and the

Era when so many bad People are seen from

The eyes of good,

When incompetent People are made  leaders ,

When education does no longer Count as criteria to rule,

And illiteracy and ignorance tops high on our ruling



When it is just ok, to come from a privileged home, from

A particular ethnicity, religion or better still have

Money without manners,

It is no Problem, just try to push harder,

Because they harder you push the chances of you getting what you Need.

This is the world we are in .


We must learn to live with prayers , to move with prayers

And do believe and hope  ,that God redeems us .

Dont Forget looking Forward is a key to moving



So spend less time on what went wrong,

Spend more  time on moving Forward  to

Finding a solution with God ,

For  Change can not come from constantly

Looking backward .