” The purpose of our life is to live freely, be happy , be Born, live , grow old and die in your natural Habitat, we are not created to be on the run and die unnaturally seeking safety, join Hands be a part of the African week taking place in Augsburg from Nov., 6th till Dec. 5th 2016.  Join your voice and stop this type of ugly Picture.


There is this time we must not ignore,

The times from November 6th till December 5th,

, “African week  ” ,

remembering Moments and speaking reality.

Choosing   ways  out and Forward ,


Speaking and displaying good and  right,

What do you choose today,

Tomorrow is there but let’s get ready to

Join the other voices,


Make a Little step for all matters.

See this Pictures, it tells a lot,

Who said it can’t be stopped ?

Replace tyranny and corruption,

Fight Terror and bad Government

With one voice,


There is no perfect time,

Take tomorrow the 6th of November

The African week taking off in  Augsburg ,

As the perfect Moment .


Join us all and make it perfect

Stick to one voice,

For These voices would

One day join to become one strong voice

That will end   atrocities,

displacing People from their natural Habitats ,

And stop this horrible Lesbos Pictures

From Happening over and over again.


Come on,

Join and do it with passion

Dont wait to be told,

Be a part of the ongoing campaign,

No more war, no more Terror,hunger,

diseases and bad Government,and displacement

of People,

Join to stop this death on the high see ,


Coming together is the begining ,

and speaking in one voice leads to success.

So Give your voice and support the African week ,

For it will inspire others.