” Give without expectation and receive with reckless Abandon ” –  Colleen Mariotti-.


It is not about pleasing ourselves only ,

Life is more than that,

Give for life is not only about YOU.

Give and you will  be given,

For the measure we give,

Lies the measure we receive,


Life is not only about what we can get,

Life is also about what we can give,

To others, to the universe !.


For the greatest about life lies in

Happily giving, be it time , Talent,

Good words, listening ears, Love,

Not only Money and material Things,


Give the needy, the helpless ,the lonely ,

For what we sow, we shall reap,


Give, and give without holding back,

Without regrets and without grudges,

Give more and dont  expect to receive more.


For giving is more graceful than receiving,

So give with love and do not wait to receive

When you receive, receive with Love,


For both giving and receiving are an act of Love,

And are very powerful, so share with others.