” I am  expressing  how good our Lord is, Taste and see that the Lord is good, Good Morning Jesus and thank YOU……”

Angels are singing,

The Sun is shining,

I am celebrating this day because God

has being merciful.


Thank You God for keeping  me till today ,

For suffering for me and for forgiving me

of my sins ,


Thank you Lord for bestowing so many graces

on me even when I dont deserve them.


Today I am older than last year.

Today I am happier than last year.

Today I am singing  new Songs.

Today I appreciate God more than last year

Today I see Things and judge Things


Today I appreciate every Little Thing,

Today I Count others more important ,

And help more where I can .


It is my day !

A very Special day .


I am blessed and I thank God

For the gift of families,My late mum,

Sisters and Brothers,

Wonderful friends who have

helped in the road to my future and

have served as a key to my sanity,

My few real friends that walked into

My life when friends also walked out

Of life.


Thank God,

Who has Made it possible for me

to celebrate Me again Today –

I am here today ,All because of you dear Lord.