When you are Young, you think Young, and when you begin to grow older , you think with and do Things with wisdom.


As we begin to grow and get older,

We realise more of what we want,

What we Need.

Why we were created ,

And Things we Need to leave behind,

Materials as well as People,


For certain Things and People are

Not meant to be permanently with us,

We Need to let go , to be able to

Focus on our dreams.

And to know when we must let go.


As we grow older we clearly see,

Think more positively and draw closer

To God,


As  I get older , I realise that the most  dearing

Thing for me is to try with the help of God

To  love  People and to be good to People,


For growing older does not only mean adding in age,

It means  also adding  in maturity, wisdom and Knowledge .