People will always have reasons to make God look like Man, But whatever we do , we can never ever Play GOD.


It isn’t ignoring,

And it isn’t not knowing what to say,

It is in fact golden, great and powerful.

It carries heavy message only

Intelligent People can  Interpret.


When nothing more is left to talk about,

Something new will come up,

And when it does,

Be silent and do your Thing

But thank God ,

You are giving them assignment to

Wonder why your life has positively



Dont Forget,

God will always set the evil ones  at sleep ,

While He carries out His works on you ,

When the finally are out of their

Slumber, they wonder what happened

And not at God´s power,


For God took them unawares ,

To make the impossible possible.

What a great God !.


The get angry, slander and want to destroy ,

When this happens,

Smile be happy and be silent

For that is golden.