Doctor Nkem Ezeilo,

I did not meet you in Person but

I followed you on Facebook,

Uncertain how life is

Dream of an hour , how Brief life

Could be .


Will  I Tell death not too be  too proud ?

For overthrowing and taking a loved one,

Thou death Dr. Nkem shall not be

Afraid of you anymore,


Like a candle in the wind

You went too soon

Good People go soon,

For us it is not well,


You passed away too soon,

But thank you for what

you left behind

Your Glamour Your fighting

And  motivating  Spirit ,


You died Young !.

Forever you will be remenbered

For your purity, spontaneity

You will be remenbered.


Though the death of a Young Person

Set People on rage ,

Your friends are celebrating you

For your life was short but fulfilling.


You are forever remenbered,

For your loved ones and we

your Facebook friends

you began your life with an

early ending .

Rage ,rage, but we cant question God.


Go in peace , Ijeoma ,

May you walk Hand in Hand with Jesus.

Adieu !

You are forever loved.

Your Facebook friend.