International Day of Peace Poster

International Day of Peace Poster Templates with white dove and olive branch


” Peace come from within. So do not seek it without.”- Buddha-.

Times are hard,

The world is changed,

Peace has eluded the world,

War and terrorism have become

The order of the day.


Imagine a world without peace,

A worlddevoid of peace.

No tolerance,

War everyday,

Refugees Building up in masses


Where is the peace which God gave

freely ? .

Within us all is the gift of

Tolerance, forgiveness, Love

And peace.


Learn peace and you shall give peace

Learn forgiveness for it will

lead to peace,

Preach peace and serve others .


” For ” it is not enough to talk about peace.

One must believe in it. And it is not enough

To believe in it. One must work at it .”- Eleanor Roosevelt-.


Dont Forget we belong to one another,

And are our brother´s keepers.


Let peace reighn in our lives , in our churches,

our homes ,and in the world ,

Peace to the world.