” A woman is the Bank of where her family deposits Anger, worries and hurt . The cement that keeps her family together and her love lasts a lifetime “- Mother Teresa-.


I began this presentation by addressing every beautiful woman, like Mother Teresa  one of the most famous women  even after her death ,did in her life time. Mother Teresa , had these beautiful words for every woman ” To you my beautiful women , If your  eyes are positive , you will love the world, but if your tongue is positive, the world will love you ” A woman´s love is in action, She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes, a Woman is the bank where her family deposits all anger, worries and hurt. A woman is the cement that keeps her family together and her love lasts for a lifetime “.

WHERE DOES LOVE BEGIN ( she asks)- Love she said begins in our family, home.

HOW DOES LOVE BEGIN: She said  by praying together, family that prays together stay together and if you stay together you will love one another as God loves each one of you. When we do this she said , we will love one another.There is so much suffering, death, terrorism, hate , because of lack of prayer and unity in the family.

Families today faces a lot of pressure both from within and outside, due to some reasons like; socio-cultural/ psychological, economical/political reasons , etc.

Unfortunately, the serious problems  in the society  today have amounted additional pressure in the world and calls for a re-reflection of ”  The role of women in the family”-.

The question every woman should ask herself is ” Who are my ?, what are my roles and  duties towards my family ?. However , you must not be in marriage to play the role of  a good woman , every woman is naturally borne a mother, afterall Mother Teresa  and most ordained sisters, nuns are known  as good people .

Whatever social situation you find yourself in , always tell yourself that you are a good woman, a good mother and a good wife. Infact, your role as a woman  in the family can not be underestimated, train one woman , you have trained a nation , because so much depends on the beautiful role of a woman in family and society .


In the past women were seen as housekeepers and rearer of children , today the role has changed due to the emergency situation in the world . Most women are not only houswives and housekeepers , they also earn wages to support the family. They are multitasking, always there for their families  in good times and in bad times. Please men dont take your wives for granted.

WHO IS THIS WOMAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ?. Biblically she was fashioned by God from a man´s rib. She is bynature loving , caring, multitasking .

WHY DID GOD CREATE A WOMAN ?. Biblically to help and support a man for those  in marriage and to work  together for peace .

WHAT DOES FAMILY MEAN TO US ?. Family is the rock and pillar of any community, society, nation and the world. There are differet types of families : ranging from the popular nuclear family in the west to  the predominantly extended and  traditional family in most African countries . In the  context of human society, a family is a group of people affiliated either by marriage or anyother type of a relationship like siblings.

Family is and will remain the principal institution for socialization  of children . However , in every family there is a woman, who mediates and supports , am not trying to exclude the role of men, they are also very important , but i m concerned now with the role of women.

According to the attachment bond theory pioneered by an  English psychiatrists John Bowlby and an American psychologist Mary Ainsworth: Children tend to bond immediately with their primary caregiver who in most cases is the mother . This bond system they explained shape the future relationship, strengthen or damage and teach them how to bounce back from misfortune .

Children learn love, patient, forgiveness and other good qualities from their first caregiver ,who in most cases is the mother . To our men and partners i urge you to  support women in their roles, be a good husband/partner  to them, dont work behind them , give them audience , feel them and dont crowd your homes with other parties. She wants to be loved , to be cared for , to feel important. Give her love , she will give abundant love  in return .

What is a woman´s role in the family .

1corinthians 13,-4-8  ( Holy Bible ) have a lot to say about love , love is patient , does not envy , not boast , and not proud and does not dishonour others . It is not self-seeking , and is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs, does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes , always perseveres. it never fails , it gives many chances .

Marriages for those in marriage are not always rosy, storms have their times, when it does, dont fail to work with one another, dont fail to pray together, and dont fail to tell yourselves the truth, communicate and be ready to let go of your anger, Avoid too many parties in your marriage, they can kill and destroy . When it becomes too difficult to forgive your partner run to God, pick up your Bible, dont give him or her up so easily, you may be going through your own test. Remenber you are the pillar in any society .

Have the interest of your children at heart, they are watching, the copy easily.Live your lives as a model to the children , you are the stars , and the children are watching you  Show them positive examples, lead them to the way of God, do your best and hand them over to God. He knows what to do.

When the times get hard, no job, no money and no hope. Remenber the 3Ps, persist, pesevere and proceed , God is watching , knock on His door, ask He will always give , afterall He made provisions already for stormy days .

So my fellow women I am urging us all to be patient, kind to our husbands, our partners and to our children , let the doctrine of the church and the  words of God be our guide , let us all together with the help of our men, husbands and partners seek the interest of one another  and love unconditionally for together we can change the world and regain peace on earth and train children who will be  leaders and not rebels .

” I alone cannot change the world , but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples “- Mother Teresa. This is the year of Mercy as declared by Pope Francis .

Let us join Pope Francis to support 2016 the year of mercy , the year of love, hope , forgiveness and the year of tolerance . Together we shall conquer the ills and make the world a better place to live.