No one knows how difficult her past was,

She braved, strived and looked over,

Today you are up for yourself,

You did not hide in your difficulties,

Challenges did not make you look pitiful,

You never blamed anyone

You kept on moving,


Today you made faces have meanings,

You used your artwork to speak,

To revive ,and to call Attention to ills of

the world .


You have joined to help make universe look beautiful,

And more tolerable ,

Your Art speaks and the writers write,

Your Hand creates and your paintings



You did not follow the crowds ,

You remained You and did your thing

Your way.


You have spoken so positively with  paintings

That have made many to  re-think,

You built your walls and attracted

your audience,


In you I see a woman who used her paintings to

create, nurture and transform,

You showed ,that it can be done, by doing it


God s gift you used to paint a better Version of yourself,

By creating a world others should follow,

You have shaped  a   voice not only for You ,


A voice speaking to others and for others ,

Urging them to go do their Thing,

To go use their creative Talents,

And make a difference in the world.


Go you have no Limit , be not in your way,

Cease not to try, are some of the Messages of

Your artworks.


You Worked and harnessed your Godsgift

And turned it to a  Passion that have interested

many .


Art unleashed Vivian ,

Thank You for helping make a Change

Thank you for inspiring others ,

You have what it takes ,

Keep on fighting,

Keep on speaking

Keep on painting

And Keep on being Creative .

Do it your way.


” For we can do no great

Things , only small things

With great love “- Mother Teresa.