For those i may have offended i ask for forgiveness, and for those who wronged me i thank you so much for giving me the Chance to be who and where GOD designed for me, once more big THANK YOU.


Seasons  comes and goes,

Good and bad Seasons alike,

You experienced all,

Had your Shares .

Got hit ,shaken,

They did not break YOU,

They made YOU,


They Person you are now,

Thank them,

Those who made your life miserable,

Thank them,

Those who criticised you

Thank them,

Those who gossiped and mocked


Thank them.


They made you without knowing,

They created the best of You ,


Thank them For helping make YOU

Stronger , more positive , persistent

And a strong Person that you are today .


Thank them for bringing the best of YOU,

And for making you become  who God wanted you to be.

Thank them because their negativity, critics

Have taken you to your height,

To your destiny ,

To the place God designed for YOU,


They came at the right time in your life,

Because without them,

Their would not have being the real YOU,

So thank them,

They have come and gone,

And your life is in Gods Hands.

So thank them.