”   Our  joy , our light and Gods precious gift . Thank you everyone for all your supports .

” No medicine cures what happiness cannot “- Gabriel Garcia Marquez – .


”  In every Moment , praise God ,Difficult Moments , seek God. Painful Moments , trust God, be Patient , persevere and persist , for God´s time is the best .

A journey of many miles, a hard and Long journey . I praise you God that  my box of wisdom , faith, hope and Patience did not fail me –  to you my faithful families I owe you so much love in return, you never let me down,   to my ever-loving friends  I say big thank you – I love you all .

Dear God thank you , for the  Patience, and most importantly for proving to me that you are `God of  Impossible ` and have your own timetable for all.

What can I offer you ?. I want to buy you something, but you have it all to bake you bread , but you sent manna from heaven , getting you a ticket to come to us ,but you have the power to descend and ascend . This God you are too much and  I love you.

`I give you Quality thanks  praise and adoration ,because you deserve everything.

You   filled my box with Faith, wisdom,patience, perseverance  and  love .

A hard breaking waiting that worth all the waiting   ”  God ”  of the impossible you are sooooo good..

Lord there is no greater love than this , You have helped me overcome and journeyed on this lane . You  removed the blocks , made a way where humans have written off, Yes you can Lord, I know you can and you will always do it over and over again . You have done it –

Dear Lord  here is your precious gift to us , cover her with your blood, make her your own,shield her ,let  no evil  come her ways  , Amen , she will be a success to herself, to us , to the Family and to the Nation .

To You  our precious Gold .

I am writing you this letter to let you know how God guided us through and how He  made a dream   come through for us . I have imagined why Little Things that come easy take their time to come sometimes, but my God is able  !.

Always believe and have faith in God, persevere , persist and don’t give up, for those who never gave up are those who have stories to tell, be encouraged, God is a God of all impossibilities.

This letter should guide you all the time, as I will not always be with you my Little Angel.

When I look back , I can only say thank you to God because all the agonies, the waiting , the tears and the disappointments worth it . I say thank you to those who gave me the opportunity to experience this and most importantly, I  thank God for the hard times, because without which I would not have been blessed with you and a loving home.

Now, I know why God took His time to answer me .

One day you will get to know what journey Mummy went through to get to success. Some you will get to read in my first book that is about to be published ”  A  journey of many visits  “- Yes this was the case with your Mummy.

You are mummy´s Gold , my Gods gift . The Minute your conception was confirmed . I pledged to God to worship Him, and to Support those whose hopes are lost , those who have known the agony  of this journey . For These women I dedicated my first book to and to my late mother late Ezinne Elizabeth Adanma Uwazie ,Who  was my true friend , She gave me hopes, and never gave me up, unfortunately  my late mum is not here today  to see you my treasure, but her Spirit will protect us Amen .

I will Show you love, the way of God , teach and prepare you , because the world we live in is insecure , full of Terror, hatred , war , corruption. But, dont worry Mummy and dad will do their best with the help of God to protect and equip you for the journey of life.

It is not going to be an easy struggle, but if you listen to Mummy and dad and wise People around , you will get the positive Things out of life .

You are blessed my Gold , my treasure and my Love !.

To God be all the glory , whose time is the best.