Mistakes we make in life should not

Be allowed to shape us,

They should not stop us from pursuing

Our Goals  .


Yeah I made mistakes ,

But am bold enough to accept it,

We all make mistakes ,

The strongest  and even the wise err.


We have struggles, regrets and have done

Things that calls for regrets ,

But that does not map us bad and evil,


We have hurt and People have hurt us ,

Our past is there to make better our future,

It should not be allowed to hunt or dictate,

Or stumble in our ways.


Naturally, People will talk and dwell

On others` mistakes and Forget they were

Once human.


Those who make mistakes are learning,

Forget not ,mistakes are opportunities,

Use wisely and not repeatedly


What you make out of your mistake ,

Depends on  how you learn and what you

Chooses to do with them .


One Thing obvious is that,

We are bound to make mistakes,

But one bad Thing is never to learn from them.


I met good and bad People,

Both served their useful purposes,

Whoever you meet, bad or good,


Take something positive ,

For no Situation, no negative Person,

Not even your past mistakes  goes

Without  lessons,


Grab any Chance, any incident , for all serve

Their different lessons and purposes.

For What you learn out of them,

Will sure  empower you for life.